Babolat Pure Strike- Know Everything About ItBabolat Pure Strike- Know Everything About It

Babolat Racquets have made quite a name in Tennis for providing the best tennis racquets. Many players prefer to use this brand because of various other reasons. 

One of these reasons is the authority that Babolat gives the player to strike with maximum power. Players who want to play the game with their full potential go for a certain model of Babolat. 

Babolat Pure Strike

It is one of the models that serve this purpose. Although, compared to its other brands Babolat Pure Strike is not as popular. Yet it provides you balance, better control, and feel is one thing to vote for. 

Many famous players prefer Babolat Pure Strike in today's generation compared to its other versions. This series is made for modern time plays. Today, I will cover everything about Babolat Pure Strike and some stuff about all its versions.

What does Babolat Pure Strike offer?

Whenever choosing a racquet, there is always one question in every player's mind. "What dos this racquet offers?" As for the Babolat Pure Strike series, its name defines its purpose. Players can strike as strong as they can and as slow as possible. 

This series is made to adjust itself according to the player's power. Thus, this particular series offers more control and more feel than any other Babolat series. They also offer power and stability; it's guaranteed.

This series covers a huge range. It does not matter weather you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert player. This series will provide you with whatever you want, and we will discuss it shortly.

The Technology Used In Babolat Pure Strike

The performance and durability depend on the technology and material used in its manufacturing. Babolat Pure Strike uses Hybrid Beam construction. This addition gives the racquet more feel.

For string patterns, this series uses FSI technology. It is used to optimize the string spacing, increasing the spin and power.

Babolat is now using a dampening technology into the frame. It gives more ball pocketing and a different feel when it comes to contact with the ball.

Famous Versions Of Babolat Pure Strike Series:

This series has many versions, and each provides a certain element. Below are some of the famous versions of the Pure Strike series.

  • Babolat Pure Strike 16X19 3rd generation
  • Babolat Pure Strike 18X20 3rd generation
  • Babolat Pure Strike Tour 3rd Generation
  • Babolat Pure Strike 100 3rd Generation
  • Babolat Pure Strike Team 3rd Generation
  • Babolat Pure Strike Evo

What Is The Main Purpose Of Each Series?

Every single 3rd Generation racquet from the Pure Strike series serves different yet some basic common purposes. 

  1. Pure Strike 16x19 gives a more dampening feel than its previous models.
  2. Pure Strike 18x20 gives extreme control and feel for advanced and intermediate aggressive players.
  3. Pure strike Tour is the heaviest of all among the Pure strike series. It allows players to have fast swings with accurate targeting.
  4. Pure Strike 100 offers easy movability helps the players to counter pace and feel connected to the shots.
  5. Pure Strike Team is specifically for beginners and intermediate players. Its lightweight gives easy access to targets from all areas. 
  6. Pure Strike Evo is designed especially for shock absorption, comfort, and accuracy. Preferable for beginners and intermediate players.

    Overall Positives And Negatives of Babolat Pure Strike Series:



      Advanced players, for its balance, prefer this series
      It provides extreme stability against fast serves
      Depending on the model, it provides an easy spin
      Better control, good feel, and arm friendliness are the stars of this series.
      Provides confidence when returning a shot
      Two of its models are specifically for beginners and intermediate players, increasing comfort and shock absorption.
    • As compared to Aero, it provides less spin
    • Few of its models are not preferable for beginners (depending on their strike power, height, and control)
    • On groundstroke serves, it is a tad bit lesser as compared to other series (only one or two are good with groundstroke)
    • Its heavy items are only for experts with aggressive playing styles.

    Is Babolat Pure Strike a Good Racquet?

    Many of you wonder whether this one is a good racquet or not? How to determine if it is good for you or not?

    To answer the first question; Yes, definitely Babolat Pure strike is a good racquet. It is one of those few racquets that make you feel very comfortable and motivated at the same time.

    It is easy to handle. Depending on the type of player, these series make it easy to cover wide areas and exert more power to surpass their limits.

    Pure Strike series is all about energy. How much energy do you put into the throw? How do you manage your energy while throwing, and how will you manage the incoming energy and make a hit. These series cover everything related to energy while providing control and feel.

    One of this series’ best and most famous racquets is Babolat Pure Strike 16*19 3rd generation. This one, in particular, is one of the best racquets you will ever find for several reasons, including its dampening feel and extra spin with control.

    Ultimately it depends on the player what to choose. Professionals and intermediate will go for this one. It is their pick if they know they have power and can generate more power in their strikes.

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        Why Is Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 3rd Gen. best?

        When you get all in one, you only feel that this is the best. The same is the case with Babolat Pure Strike 16x19. It offers you the best combination of power and control along with spin. Normally these three things are hard to find together. 

        The comfortable feel is one thing that is common in all racquets of this series. But Pure Strike 16x19 is a tad bit heavier than the rest. Even though it is heavy, it plays its part well. 

        Dominic Theim used the Pure Strike series. Especially he went for Pure Strike 16x19, the most famous model of this series. He showed that he was very comfortable while playing with it. He made it to the finals; this shows how much potential the model has.



            String Pattern16*19
            Head Size98 sq. in
            Length27 in

            Difference Between Babolat Pure Strike and Babolat Pure Aero

            There is only one main difference between Pure Strike and Pure Aero. Babolat Pure Aero offers more spin with extra power than Babolat Pure Strike. Pure Strike focuses on energy management.

            Swift control, feel, and movability are the elements the Pure Strike series offers. When it comes to swift control and feel, the other two series can't even come close to it. The best part is that it covers all kinds of players. For example, energy is something that every player will have. Even beginners might be a little aggressive or would like to go all out. So these series make sure that all its models serve their basic purpose to let the players be at ease.

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            That was all about Babolat Pure Strike and its models. Being a professional player for more than a decade, I have come across many situations where I felt like if only I had the perfect racquet.

            But when I started with Babolat Pure Strike series I had very less to complain. So whatever you are looking for be it flexibility, balance, spins and control, Babolat Strike series will provide you a tad more for sure.

            I hope that was a little helpful to you! If you have any queries, please do ask in the comment section.


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