Best Tennis Racquet for Hard Hitters

Best Tennis Racquets for Hard Hitters

A racquet with a tight string pattern will help if you are an aggressive player. If we go deep into it, finding the best tennis racquet for hard hitters is tricky. Depending on the playing style, a player could select a racquet if they are a baseline hard hitter or an overall court player. Searching … Read more

HEAD Speed series 

HEAD Speed Series

HEAD is a name worth praising for sports goods and tennis racquets. They have been working nonstop for years to bring change in their domain. HEAD has given many series of tennis racquets that include Instinct, Extreme, Radical, Gravity, Prestige and many others.  HEAD Speed Series is solely made for players looking for power and … Read more

Yonex EZONE Junior

Yonex EZONE Junior

Yonex is a brand focusing on building strong players in all fields. Their main aim is to equip players with reliable and prone to improvement equipment. They have been working for years and helped brought out exceptional players.  Yonex has made a series of racquets specifically for all kinds of players. They made sure to … Read more

Yonex EZONE 98 (Reviewed)

Yonex EZONE 98

Yonex EZONE 98 is famous among hard hitters. I mean it when I say it is recognized. I have tried many racquets from Yonex and other brands to see the output of power. I wasn’t much satisfied with all of them.  Yonex EZONE 98 also had its reservations; however, to keep on par with an … Read more

All About Wilson Pro Staff Series 

Wilson Pro Staff Series

Many players are looking for a feel as they progress in the game. I am talking about the intermediate and professional players looking for accuracy. Wilson started working on developing racquets with pure purposes.  They delivered the Wilson Pro Staff series to meet these two requirements from the players. As their name says Wilson Pro … Read more

Wilson Clash 100L

Wilson Clash 100L

Wilson has been making its name in sports by providing the best of the bests. In tennis, it offers a wide range and style of racquets to all sorts of players. Wilson is more focused on providing a product of classic and modern racquets. It offers five major racquet ranges; Pro staff, Ultra, Clash, Blade, … Read more

Wilson Clash 100 Reviewed 

Wilson Clash 100

Wilson is a name that every tennis player knows of. Whether they are beginners or professionals, even non-tennis players have an idea about Wilson. Wilson is a powerhouse in the field of tennis. Many famous players have been using their products for a long time.  Wilson is famous for adding extra flexibility and comfort to … Read more

Wilson Clash 98 (Reviewed)

Wilson Clash 98

If you are an intermediate or advanced player and looking for a racquet with comfort, then Wilson Clash 98 is your best choice. Like all other racquets in the Clash series, Wilson Clash 98 also has great flex. However, it also focuses on the sole element of comfort. Wilson Clash 98 has been proven one … Read more

Wilson Clash 100UL  (Reviewed)

Wilson Clash 100UL

Wilson Clash series is famous for bringing extreme flex and comfortability, and power to the field. Wilson Clash 100UL is no different. It has been selected as the best tennis racquet for beginners. The reason is that it is extremely lightweight as compared to its predecessors. It focuses on the performance of each player. Beginners … Read more