HEAD Gravity Tour 2021 (Reviewed)

HEAD Gravity Tour 2021 (Reviewed)

HEAD is always on top when it comes to tennis. It is one of the leading brands in the field of tennis. Its racquets always focus on a particular factor. Similarly, in 2021 HEAD decided to bring more flex with added control and sweet spot. HEAD Gravity Tour 2021 gained popularity in just a few days. 

It became famous for having enhanced flex and feel. Players who used HEAD Gravity Tour 2021 stated that it was more arm friendly and gave a comfortable feel when they hit the ball with speed and power. 

What is HEAD Gravity Tour?

HEAD Gravity series is famous among baseline players who require more control. HEAD gravity tour 2021 provides a bigger sweet spot than the others. If you get a chance to see one, you will notice that the head is in a teardrop shape. 

It is the trick to increasing the sweet spot area and making a place for more flex and comfortability. This teardrop-shaped head is not only for style. It increases the stability when playing and plough-throw. It does not happen only because of the teardrop shape. Again HEAD gravity tour 2021 is unique because of the technologies used and the combination of Graphene 360+ with a teardrop-shaped head.

Technologies Used in HEAD Gravity Tour 2021

Like I said earlier, HEAD always adds something new to the product to make it more real. I will discuss the main technologies used in the production of Gravity Tour 2021. 

  • Graphene 360+
  • Sweet Zone 
  • Flex Groove 
  • Elliptical Beam

Graphene 360+

Graphene 360+ is originally a combination of HEAD’s original 360 technology with innovative spiral fibers. The spiral fibers are used to increase the flex. Then again, this is the main purpose of the Gravity Tour. The basic 360 technology is used for optimal energy transfer.

Now, here comes the interesting part. The creators were meticulous in achieving a better version that they played with different options. Not only did they use the Graphene 360+ tech. They used graphene in the staff in the racquet.

We all know that power is compromised, aiming for flex with added control. However, the latest addition, HEAD, ensured that the frame was stabilized. With this, you can use as much power as up want while increasing maneuverability. 

Sweet Zone

The unique tear shaped head of Gravity Tour creates a special sweet zone. The wide string bed plays a huge role in this process. 

Flex Groove

Enhancing the feel of impact is a tough task. In HEAD Gravity Tour, you will find a deeper flex groove that helps soften the racquet’s geometry. It allows a huge impact feel on the shoulder side.

Elliptical Beam

The shoulder side has an elliptical cross-section. This little trick helps increase the impact and feel as well.

Popularity factors

There are about five racquets in the HEAD Gravity series, and all of them are equally popular. However, this one takes a special place among others. The reasons are below,

  • Playability
  • Arm friendliness 


The most common question against a racquet is, “What kind of players can use this racquet?” Being a tennis player myself, this is something I always wonder about whether I can use this racquet or not. 

As for HEAD Gravity Tour, it is recommended for intermediate and advanced players. Gravity Tour is famous for providing flex with extreme comfort and control, so players with a rough playing style opt for this one. 

Intermediate players go for this because they aim for a more control-oriented feel and game. It might come as a surprise to you, but famous professionals like Alexander Zverev use Gravity Tour. If you want to see the performance of this racquet, then check out one of its games of Alexander. You will get a rough idea of how perfectly maneuverable this racquet is and its comfort and control.

Arm friendliness

HEAD Gravity Tour is the friendliest racquet among the Gravity series. Aside from my own experience, I have done a little survey about this racquet’s comfort level and maneuverability. Every single player voted for Gravity Tour. 

Even with its heavyweight, this racquet does not put a strain on your elbows or shoulder. The normal stiffness that you feel after using a heavy tool is exempted in this one. Players exclaimed that they felt like one when they were on the field playing with Gravity Tour.

On a scale of 1-10, How Good Is HEAD Gravity Tour?

The performance of a racquet highly depends upon the technologies used in it. We all know that everything is evolving, and the game of tennis is as well. Having an old fashion racquet may sound okay sometimes. However, to be on par with your competitors having advanced racquets is a must. 

It is one of the few racquets that focuses on making playing comfortable. It gives a natural feel to the player. It is something that not many racquets have achieved. They always leave the player with some effect. However, Gravity Tour is strong on all kinds of shots. If I were to score it without being biased, it would be 9 out of 10.

After experiencing it first-hand, it is hard for me to find any fault with it. However, it is not the case with beginners. Since this racquet is too good for them, they may feel exceptionally comfortable throwing them off their game. They don’t experience real growth with the struggle to shoot better. 

HEAD Gravity Tour or HEAD Speed Pro

To be honest, both of them are equally better than the other. The only thing that concerns many players like me is that Gravity Tour is heavy compared to HEAD Speed pro? The answer is yes. If we judge solely on the weight, then Gravity Tour is heavier than Speed pro. 

Although, while playing, you won’t feel it as heavy. However, if you have experience with Speed pro, it is obvious that Speed pro will come as the lighter one. The reason is that HEAD decided to focus on reducing the weight of all its products after Gravity Tour.

Then again, a heavy racquet is always the best for aggressive players and players with a stronger build.

Overall Positives And Negatives Of HEAD Gravity Tour:




Head Size100 sq. in
Length27 in
Weight305 g
CompositionGraphene 360+ & Graphite
String Pattern18*20
Balance320 mm
Beam Width22mm
Power levelLow
Stroke StyleFull


The popularity of this racquet had made the headlines in the previous years. However, sometimes players look for alternates for a racquet for specific reasons. So, for this one, there are a few equally good racquets. You can try HEAD Radical, HEAD speed and Wilson blade for a comfortable feel, enhanced control and maneuverability. 

So this was all about HEAD Gravity Tour 2021. I tried to mention everything that will pop out in your minds from my experience. I hope that it will help you get answers to the questions you are looking for. 

I hope that was a little helpful to you! If you have any queries, please do ask in the comment section.

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