Babolat Pure Aero (Reviewed) 

Babolat Pure Aero (Reviewed)

If you are looking for pure power and spin, Babolat Pure Aero will end your search. A unique racquet that is made for players that are determined to show how extremely powerful they are. This racquet became famous from the moment it came in the player’s hands. 

For the first time, back in 2003-2004, Babolat decided to collaborate with players, and the Babolat R&D. decided to make something that professionals are looking desperately for. Babolat Pure Aero became the first racquet with an aerodynamic frame

Let me tell you that Nadal was the very first player who put in his preference in its development. When he brought the racquet to the court, he was amazed by its performance. It became a bestselling racquet shortly after it hit the market. 


What Babolat Pure Aero Offers?

The Babolat Pure Aero line always focuses on one thing, generating extreme power. Normally, a racquet that will generate power will have some weight but hats off to Babolat. They have been putting so much effort into this piece that Pure Aero has become lighter with every next version.  

Babolat Pure Aero has been a key factor in developing the modern baseline game. It comes in a combination of black and a dull yellow. It doesn’t look very pleasant because of this color combination.

It offers the following features:

  • Power
  • Spin 
  • Feel


You can only claim yourself if you are powerful. Babolat Pure Aero is a racquet that helps you keep pace and play the game aggressively. It supports your elective gaming style. Many players feel pushed back because of the extreme power it generates. 


It does not matter if you are a beginner working on your spin or an intermediate player trying to develop your heavy spin. Or even if you are an aggressive player with an aggressive spin, this racquet will enhance it tenfold. 

It was made keeping this one goal in view to enhance the spin, and hence this masterpiece has been doing its job without fail for all these years.  


For every single player, having a feel while playing is something they need at all costs. If they don’t feel the game, they won’t be able to coordinate with the racquet or the ball or anything. Babolat has been putting in an extra effort to bring feel along with power and spin. 

For the past few launches of Babolat Pure Aero, players have been dominating the court with a feeling. They can even form trajectories of the ball and do the finishing shots with an extra feel.

Technologies used in Babolat Pure Aero:

With time Babolat has become sharp in its creations. They have been experimenting with the latest technologies and combining them to get the best version of Pure Aero.

Babolat used technologies specifically designed for the Aero line. Following are the technologies used in Babolat Pure aero.

  • Aero Modular 3
  • FSI Spin
  • Cortex Pure Feel

Aero Modular 3

They used the aerodynamic frame to increase the racquet head speed and spin generation. It allows the racquet head to move as quickly as possible, increasing ball speed.

 Enhanced spin is a given with enhanced head speed.

FSI Spin

Babolat Pure Aero has a slightly open string pattern. It allows the racquet to generate the ultimate spin. With the increase in contact time between the ball and the strings increases, the woofer system generates an amazing feeling of control and enhanced spin. 

Cortex Pure Feel 

Babolat has been using dampening techniques and adding new secret materials to its production to better handle the vibrations. Whenever the ball hits the racquet, you will feel a unique, calming, and addictive sensation.

Does it feel good to play with Babolat Pure Aero?

The worth of a racquet or any equipment is determined by the level of comfort and the feeling you get when you get to play with it. If the object under discussion does not give you a good feel or a satisfactory response, then nothing matters. 

No matter how great the design or the material is, everything fails if the racquet does not satisfy the player. Being a professional, I can confidently say that this racquet has the most addicting and comfortable feel while playing. 

It has a sturdy frame that allows it to dominate the field with power and spin with added comfort and feel. The best part about Babolat Pure Aero is that it is suited best for all sorts of players. It comes in head size of 100 sq. in. Beginners, intermediates, and professionals feel extremely comfortable with this head size.

Design Analysis

I feel utterly excited to do a design analysis of this racquet. Many people often dislike the yellow and black color combination, but this color combination is the mark of aggressiveness in this racquet.

Babolat Pure Aero comes in perfect head size of 100 sq. inches. With the increase in skill and experience, players prefer to reduce their head size. However, it is not the case with Babolat Pure Aero. 

I had seen players dotting over Babolat Pure Aero and its 100 sq. in head size even when they were extremely comfortable with a 98 sq. in head size. The best moment is when they switch to 100 sq. in head size because Babolat Pure Aero gives you more accurate shots

A racquet that is arm friendly and does not put a strain on your hands and shoulders is hard to find. However, after playing for hours with Babolat Pure Aero, many players exclaimed the satisfaction that they did not feel the tiredness or stiffness in their muscles or hands. 

Hence you can rest assured that it is easy to maneuver and play with for as long as possible. Plus, many players are not good with the baseline. Yet they desire to play from the baseline. Then I would strongly recommend that you choose Babolat Pure Aero as it is extremely good for baseliners because of its raw power.

Lastly, the shock absorption tech embedded in Babolat Pure Aero makes it a one in a hundred racquet. It executes the shots with precision and extreme control.

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Why choose Babolat Pure Aero?

Normally many players ask this question even after knowing the features of this racquet. Well, it is an occupational hazard. I also always ask why I should choose this racquet. So, for Babolat Pure Aero, there are a few simple questions, to which if you answer yes, you should go for this one.

  • Are you a baseline player?
  • Are you looking for enhanced power?
  • Are you aiming for more spin?
  • Are you looking for a feel with power and spin?
  • Do you want to struggle less on groundstrokes and serves?
  • Are you an aggressive player?

If yes, then without a second thought, grab Babolat Pure Aero. 


Overall Positives and Negatives of Babolat Pure Aero:




Head Size100 sq. in
Length27 in
Weight318 g
String Pattern16*19
Balance7 mm
Grip typeBabolat Syntec Pro
Power levelMedium


The above mentioned was all about Babolat Pure Aero. I have tried to cover what normally everyone would look for. From personal experience, I think that it comes with a perfect combination of feel, comfort, power, and spin. Its head size allows you to take control and serve more accurate shots.

Plus, you can be as aggressive as you want. Your opponents will only try desperately to chase up to you. 

I hope this will help you somehow. If you have any queries, please ask in the comment section!

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