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6+ Best Asics Tennis Shoes (Reviewed)

6+ Best Asics Tennis Shoes (Reviewed)

The crown holder of the current best Tennis shoes is Asics. A brand that started in 1949, Japan made the world reckon its worth with time. Over these decades, Asics has built its name in providing the best shoes in comfort and support. 

With the continuously developing technologies, Asics holds its motto of providing the best fit for feet that goes well with the wearer’s physique. Asics has built a name in running shoes leading it to become a known brand in tennis. 

Many famous players use Asics shoes to fuel their games. As Asics focuses on three significant factors, speed, stability, and comfort. It would be a complex combination if I were to find it all in a pair of shoes. Asics has been dominating the tennis field with its latest releases, whether male or female players. 

Today I will enlist the best Tennis shoes Asics offers in terms of speed, support, stability, and comfort. Without further ado, let’s begin

7. Asics Gel Court Speed (Men & Women)

Regarding the determining factors about the best tennis shoes, Gel Court speed gets a 5/5 in durability, speed, comfortability, stability, and breathability. It is overall a perfect fit for both male and female players. 

I did a playtest with almost every single pair in this list. However, I wanted some different opinions from all sorts of players. So, doing a survey resulted in various comments about this pair. Among them, a maximum number of players, including professionals, suggested this pair for speed and durability. 

The breathability and comfort will be essential in every Asics pair I will mention further.

Overall Positives and Negative

  • Extreme support
  • Light weight
  • Highly durable
  • Comfortability is a plus
  • If you have wide feed then you will find the toe area a bit small.

6. Asics Court FF2

One of the most popular releases of Asics is Court FF. It got so much fame because of its performance that Asics decided to make two more releases named Court FF2 and Court FF Novak. Being a famous tennis player using the Court series pushed Asics to make a particular release solely for only Novak Djokovic.

This pair is famous for being highly durable and exceptionally stable. It has a firm grip that makes players feel the comfort they are looking for. For a comfortable play, Asics court FF2 focuses primarily on cushioning and shock absorption during running.

Professional players use this pair more as compared to intermediate ones.

Overall Positive & Negative

If you are looking for white tennis shoes that are trendy yet affordable, then Adidas grand court shoes are exactly what you are looking for. Moreover, they are extremely comfortable and will not make your feet tired during long tennis matches. 

Overall, Adidas white court tennis shoes are a perfect choice for someone who is looking for an affordable and cute pair of white tennis shoes. 


  • Comfortable
  • Cute
  • Affordable


  • Takes break-in time
  • Wear out quickly

From classic options like the Nike tennis shoes to more modern silhouettes like the Adidas women’s grand court 2, there’s a white tennis shoe for everyone on this list. Trust us, these shoes will quickly become your go-to not only for table tennis but for all your summertime activities.

Without a second thought, let’s jump right into it. 

  • Shock absorbent
  • Highly stable
  • Perfect for speed and comfort
  • As compare to Asics Gel court this pair is slightly heavier.

5. Asics Gel Dedicate 6 (Men & Women)

Compared to others on my list, I can assure you that this is the cheapest among them. Being on the cheaper side does not mean this pair is behind any other. Contrary to that, it is exceptionally comfortable.

I did not rely only on a playtest. Instead, after gathering various reviews, I found that maximum players have also opted for this one for regular use. Wearing it for a longer time does not makes the feet uncomfortable.

It is one of the reasons this pair has gained popularity. It is very light weight that is given for such comfortability. Not many found problems with this pair commenting that they used it for a brief period and were satisfied. This pair has a breathable upper that keeps the feet dry. It is easily one of the best tennis shoes by Asics in this list.

Overall Positives and Negatives

  • Best for arch support
  • Smooth grip
  • Highly breathable
  • Recommended for wide feet
  • Spacious toe box
  • Some have complained that they found this shoe slippery on a few occasions.

4. Asics Gel Game 8

Asics Gel went for something different when they designed Game 8. To maintain stability, durability, and comfort, Asics aimed to add ventilation and increase breathability. Thus they went with a minimal design. A plain upper with increased flexibility and added gel technology gives you Gel Game 8.

It is made especially for players who desire to play for more extended periods. Fortunately, I also got a chance to playtest with Gel Game 8 and one of my friends. However, he plays regularly only to keep fit.

Gel Game 8 gives the perfect feel and is supportive on all grounds. More than 17 people out of 25 expressed they maintained stability on rough courts, and the pair was very flexible.

3 out of the remaining did say the comfortability was compromised at some point. However, that was due to the narrow fit of the pair. Overall this pair has an 8/10 score from the survey I gathered. All in all, it is a perfect fit for beginners and intermediate players.

Overall Positives and Negatives

    Not much costly
    Extreme breathability
    Enhanced Flexibility
    Indubitably lightweight
    Indubitably lightweight

3. Asics Gel Resolution 8 (Men & Women)

One of the best ever releases from the Gel line is Resolution 8. It is made solely for players seeking speed. For runners, it is the best in every way. Durability, comfort, and firm grip are undeniably extreme.

It is made to be comfy for both men and women. The plain design and the spacious toe box are just a blessing when it comes to longer game hours. It gained popularity as many ace players like Aslan Karatsev, Samantha Stosur, and many others performed at their best with Gel Resolution 8.

Since this pair is preferred by women, Asics provided a wide range of designs and colors. In the Asics line, Gel Resolution 8 is always my go-to pair. With significantly fewer negative reviews, Resolution 8 stands among the best of the best in tennis. It is actually suitable for multiple courts.

Overall Positives and Negatives

    Firm grip
    Highly durable
    Very stylish and comfy
    Provides stability on every court
    It is expensive as compared to other Asics releases
    With addition of multiple factors the breathability is compromised a little.

2. Asics Men Gel Nimbus 23

This pair is highly recommended for rough players and runners. The reason for that is its dampening effect. In Asics line, Gel Nimbus 23 is famous for providing extreme dampening impact while running, jumping, and sliding

This pair became famous for its comfy feel with ultra-soft cushioning throughout the sole. Not to mention Gel Nimbus is one of the releases with so many updated versions and is still continuing. You will feel a better change with every update than the last version.

Before, I never got a chance to experience the feel. However, among my fellow tennis players, almost everyone recommended it for a comfy ride. But after the temptation, I opted for a playtest. As expected, Gel Nimbus 23 is true to its reputation and provides a breathable upper mesh. 

The plus point is that it is a bit on the cheaper side compared to its latest version and is without a doubt with more updates.

Overall Positives and Negatives

  • A bit lighter than its previous versions
  • As compared to its updated versions it is a bit cheaper
  • Comes with versatility and comfortability
  • A bit less durable as compared to others of its line

1. Asics Gel Resolution 6 (Women)

In the Asics Gel line, Resolution 6 is a pair made for women and has proven its name. With ultra-soft and flexible upper, the pair gained loyalty from many players. If you are looking for a pair for added stability, then Resolution 6 is the best tennis shoes Asics ever provided primarily for women.

With the attractive color and design, its popularity was a given. Aside from that, comfortability and durability are basic in Asics every release. I love the fact that it provides unlimited forefoot support.

One of my co-players has been training players for over 7 years. She used this pair for about 2 years consecutively, and still, this one is her go-to pair. With high shock absorption, this pair remains the best choice of many female players to date.

Overall Positives and Negatives

  • Outsole is doubled layered for added bouncy jumps
  • Extremely durable
  • Perfect for all types of feet
  • Flexible and stable
  • Not available freely as it was in the beginning of the release.  

Final Say:

  • Asics is a brand that competes with renowned names like Nike and Adidas. It is deemed one of the perfect brands for tennis shoes and running pairs. With its increasing number of buyers daily, many Asics releases have taken to the top pushing aside Nike and Adidas.

    They provide a perfect fit for everyone with added comfortability, durability, and stability. These factors are hard to combine; however, Asics is an ace brand that provides all these in a pair.

    Still, I would love to hear your feedback and views on the above pairs. If you want to add one to the above pairs, feel free to, as I know there are a variety of Asics shoes that can make the above list a bit bigger.

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