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7+ Best Adidas Tennis Shoes For Men And Women

7+ Best Adidas Tennis Shoes For Men And Women

Adidas is a brand that has been making highlights in sports for a long time. It is famous for providing quality products. The best part is that Adidas focuses on each individual’s needs when bringing anything to the floor. 

When talking about Tennis shoes, Adidas is a brand that has been giving tough competition to many other leading brands. Many famous athletes have selected Adidas as their preferred brand. Prominent tennis players like Dominic Thiem, Alexander Zverev, and Stefanos Tsitsipas love to play wearing Adidas shoes. 

If you are concerned about players’ performance, then looking at their play would give you an idea. However, I have tried several Adidas tennis shoes to get the perfect feedback. Being a part of Tennis for more than 14 years, I have come across many cases on the court where a better-fitted shoe could have made history.

Today, I will enlist all the best Adidas tennis shoes that I have a personal experience with or have play tested. Before that, a player will always look for the following factors in a shoe. Any player will go for it if a shoe has a blend of these. 

Factors Players Prefer The Shoe To Have

  • Traction
  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Durability
  • Stability

Whether a beginner or a pro, comfort, and durability will always be a priority when selecting a pair for the game. You are already at a loss if your feet don't feel comfortable on the court.  Still, I have come across many players that prefer durability. They would even compromise on comfort to have the level of durability they want.There can be various reasons for this. For the most part, players with a heavy-built or rough playing style would prefer a more durable shoe over a more comfortable one. Lastly, everyone wants a pair to help them stand firmly on the court. No slipping, no sliding; the shoe must have a solid grip no matter the court floor.

8. Adidas Adizero Ubersonic

Speed is something that a tennis player has to keep up with. Whether you are a fast player or not, if you are facing a fast pace service, you can’t respond to it with average speed. Adidas Adizero Ubersonic is famous for its speed factor. 

It is one of the shoes I did a playtest with recently. Aside from that, I have seen this pair like a bolt on the court. In terms of breathability and texture, this pair gets an A. Being a player of heavy build, I know how slipping on the court while returning a fast pace shot would bring fear with it.

With this shoe moving along with the ball becomes easy, like breathing. It has durability, which in turn allows it to hold a firm ground. Usually, a lightweight shoe feels lacking in many factors; however, being lightweight, Adidas Adizero provides the players with comfort.

This pair didn’t make the feet uncomfortable even after playing for a few hours. I have a habit of running beforehand a mock test of any pair. It helps me gather the perfect ratio of all factors I am looking for in the shoe. Overall, Adidas Adizero is one of the best tennis shoes for speed.

7. Adidas Stycon Boa

When it comes to stability, Adidas has given a golden pair. Looking at its shape, one may have second thoughts because Stycon Boa has a unique build. However, this pair has earned its respect when it comes to comfort, grip, and stability.

Just one look, and you can tell that it gives a glove-like feeling because it covers a little above your ankle. Plus, the adjustable grip is a bonus. It is a plus point that I haven’t found in any other pair. The smooth cloth and the perfect blend of all factors make this pair one of the best Adidas tennis shoes brought in for durability.

Still, since I am a player with a heavy build, a heavy shoe won’t feel much of a hassle to me. Simultaneously, one of my juniors did complain about the shoe being heavy on foot. It is a bit heavy compared to other pairs of Adidas or any other brand if we focus on durability.

I got a chance to do a survey for this one as well. About 6 out of 9 players felt that it was a perfect fit for durability. 2 of the players had the same thought about the weight. However, I noticed that both of them were already used to wearing lightweight shoes, and their relatively small build was an additional factor. Overall, Stycon Boa has a positive review.

6. Adidas Barricade (men & women)

Barricade is the best pair that Adidas has to offer. In terms of comfortability, durability, stability, and traction, there is no comparison with any other pair. The plus point that makes it out of the world is that it is a perfect fit for both men and women tennis players.

One of the best things that come with Adidas Barricade is the foam pods at the heel. The soft cushiony feeling is a bonus, along with all the other factors. After doing a playtest with it, I did a survey for it.

One of my juniors and a fellow trainer at court for girls both commented. It is just a perfect fit for your feet. Would that justify it? Yes, it will because Adidas Barricade has been breaking records since its appearance. Even non-tennis players go for this pair because of the perfect blend of all the factors this pair offers.

The only thing that creates a problem with this pair is the price. However, given that it is both for men and women and available in all sizes and widths, compromising on price won’t be such a bad thing. The fact that the comfort is long-lasting also adds to its popularity.

All in all, Adidas Barricade lies at the top of the list of best tennis shoes by Adidas.

5. Adidas Solecourt Boost

As I mentioned, many world-class players are fond of playing tennis wearing Adidas shoes. Wonder which pair they prefer? It is Solecourt Boost. This pair is not only among the best in the Adidas line. In fact, it is among the best 5 shoes for tennis overall in the world, regardless of the brand.

Stefanos has been using this pair for a long. Truth be told, I was not a fan of this pair, but that was before I did the playtest with it. After experiencing it firsthand, I understood that Solecourt Boost deserves to be among the best tennis shoes around the globe.

Players who felt that many other shoes from Adidas were heavyweight felt more than satisfied with Solecourt. It is among the most lightweight shoes that Adidas offers. However, playing tennis, it is a given that the struggle with grip on the court is real with light shoes.

Aside from this one thing, the pair has a 10 out of 10 scores. Everything is just top-notch in this pair, making it more desirable than any other pair of the Adidas line.

4. Adidas CourtJam Bounce (Men & Women)

Among the best tennis shoes from Adidas, I would add CourtJam Bounce to the list. Similar to Adidas Barricade, CourtJam Bounce is equally famous among men and women. You will find it as one of the lightweight and most comfortable shoes from Adidas.

It is just over the top comfortable, and players have selected it solely for this reason. Another thing that adds to its popularity is that this pair is cozy and, again, comfortable. Many non-players and non-athletes have found it their best shoe.

Both off and on-court its performance never ceases to amaze the people around. Runners, especially people who like to jog and do gym sessions, prefer this shoe for its lightweight and comfortable.

My fellow female players have often said that CourtJam is the best addition to comfortable shoes overall. Usually, one might compromise on durability and stability because of the light weight. However, in this case, durability is at its maximum. So, players, including nonathletic individuals, opt for this one.

3. Adidas Sole Match Bounce

When it comes to comfortability Adidas has quite a number of pairs that can satisfy your need. However, like CourtJam Boost there is one more pair that grasps your attention with its comfortability.

Unlike CourtJam Adias Sole Match Bounce is a bit superior in comfort as it gives the durability along with stability. This pair is very comfy and soft. It is a little bit heavier as compared to the CourtJam, however, it is still light weight as compared to many other comfortable shoes from different brands.

Let’s talk about the durability and stability that this pair offers. I did a play test with it along with one of my practice partners on the court. The surprising thing is that the duration we wore this pair was around 4 plus hours. We ran, built up stamina, took a break and practiced with all our hearts.

Still, there was no stuffy feeling, no extra strong grip plus the breathable factor of the pair made it to one of my best comfy shoes of all times. However, it was all experienced on one kind of court. About the rough courts I think the players may have to compromise on the stability. That’s a given for most of the tennis shoes. Otherwise it’s a win win with this pair.

2. Adidas GameCourt (For Men & Women)

Another one on the list of the best tennis shoes by Adidas would be GameCourt. Comfort is a given in this pair. Aside from this factor, if you are looking for a pair for better performance, this one will be the best within the Adidas line.

No matter the kind of player and no matter the kind of court you are playing at, this pair has a reputation for giving the best performance in all environments. Some players find it hard to believe with the added features of comfort, spacy toe box, perfect grip, and a cushiony sole.

However, this is a fact and the one thing that makes it a unique pair in the Adidas line. Although I did not experience it firsthand, I felt that players need to pay a little more attention while going for a fast pace service regarding stability.

Nonetheless, this pair has 9 out of 10 scores from my survey. The one person who said they have a minor stability issue showed the same concern that he had to be a little careful at serves. Yet the fact that both men and women find it more than satisfactory for a performance-capable pair makes it outstanding.

1. Adidas SoleCourt Parley

The last one on my list of best tennis shoes by Adidas would be the SoleCourt Parley pair. It is simply the perfect fit for durability and stability. Other factors also determine its popularity; however, I find the best about this pair is the ideal blend of durability and strength.

Being a tennis player, you must know that these two factors come with a heavyweight. Less than a few pairs will provide you with this blend of elements with lightweight as a bonus. Thus I have seen many players complain that they feel their feet heavy after playing for more than two hours.

However, they also admit that the stability is just top-notch, and the durability is on another level no matter the type of court you are playing at. I did have to contemplate whether to put this one on the list or not because 7 out of 10 players on my survey list said it is a heavyweight shoe.

And yet 10 out of 10 said that even though the pair was heavy, they didn’t have to worry about the ground and balance. So, I just added it because of these two factors. It is a better performance pair as compared to many of the famous brands.

Final Say:

The listed shoes are among the best of the bests by Adidas. It is not just me, but everyone in the court would say so. Some of these shoes stand out more than others, giving tough competition to many famous brands.

My go-to pair would always be Adidas Barricade. However, Adidas SoleCourt Boost and Adidas SoleCourt Jam are always my best options when I have to make a switch. Depending on the players, many feel that every pair lacks something. Nonetheless, athletes also admit that they have to compromise on one thing if they want to grow the other.

For such players, I would suggest selecting two pairs from the above list, and doing a playtest would help them greatly. They can better understand the level of factors the pair offers. That way, you can select your best pair for a longer run in less time.

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