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Best Tennis Shoes For High Arches

Best Tennis Shoes For High Arches

Tennis requires extreme movements like running and jumping. It also requires talent and speed, along with many other determining factors. Having the perfect shoes is one of them, given any conditions!

If you are a tennis player and suffer from High Arches, you are at a disadvantage if you don’t have the best tennis shoes for high arches. High arches can cause more trouble than one can imagine, especially for athletes.

Since Tennis involves swift movements, agility, and proper footwork, you can always outclass your opponent if you have the proper gear and skills. However, if you have high arches, your basic movements will be disturbed, negatively impacting your game.

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What are High Arches?

High arches or cavus feet are the arches/soles slightly higher than usual. High arched feet can cause a lot of problems. A few of them are stress fractures, ankle sprains, pain in heels, and pressure calluses.

It is all because people with high arches have a more rigid foot, and it puts extreme pressure on the ankles, forefoot, and heel. Many players don’t even notice this fundamental problem and lack in the performance even after giving their ultimate best. 

How do High Arches affect a Tennis Player?

High arches can cause severe injuries to players. Tennis asks for rough plays and rigid movements on rough surfaces. High arches can make your body lose balance on these rigid movements if you are not wearing the perfect shoe.

Players suffer from pain in their knees and ankles. They often complain about a striking pain in their heels. In other words, you will find the players complaining about pain in their lower limbs and being slow if they are suffering from High Arches. 

There are many ways to counter the pain from high arches. First, placing padding below the feet and wearing shock absorbers would help. However, you can have everything to cater to the pain if you wear the best tennis shoes for high arches.

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So, below I have accumulated a list based on my playtests and surveys. The list has a few best tennis shoes for high arches. Let’s Dig in!

01. Saucony Men’s Ride 9

The first pair on my list for high arches is Saucony Men’s Ride 9. At first, I didn’t think that a shoe like this one would be a good fit for a tennis player. Ride 9 was initially made for running instead of Tennis. 

However, after the playtest, I can tell you why many players feel so comfortable in it. It was designed primarily with standard rubber to comfort the heels and high arches. They are excellent as shock absorbers because of the high-quality rubber. 

Heaving heavy tennis shoes would help you loads, but if you have high arches, it is scarce that you find a lightweight shoe. Ride 9 is very lightweight as compared to others. Ride 9 is very stable and supports your body at abrupt movements.

I would recommend it for tiny feet or players with a light build. It does not have much space in the toe box, so it often loses the interest of a few players. Overall it gets a 4.8 rating for its comfort and high support. 

02. K-SWISS Women’s Grancourt II

K-Swiss Grancourt II is famous for being highly ventilated and a lightweight shoe. It is very famous among women with high arches. In my survey, almost 87% of players found Grancourt II the best tennis shoe for high arches. 

K-Swiss is famous for using highly stable materials. The main focus of Grancourt II is to reduce the stress on the foot. They provide ultimate support to the feet to enhance the player’s performance. 

The upper mesh is made with synthetic material that helps with shock absorption. The inside is lined with a thin lining that keeps the feet packed and cool. Female players love the simple design and the fact that it comes in various sizes.

03. ASICS GEL-DEDICATE 6 (men & Women)

If you have high arches, you would know that avoiding shocks and pushes is one of the best ways to avoid the pain of high arches. Asics Gel Dedicate 6 is famous for having gel in the forefoot and a footbed with molded foam.

The gel in the forefoot saves the toes from stress and injuries. Plus, the molded foam footbed provides heavy support and a cushioned sole. I loved Dedicate 6 because it became famous among both men and women equally. 

Asics focused on the high arches very much. They provided a shoe with a very sophisticated design with many styles and high-level comfort. When it comes to supporting high arches, this shoe is on par with any other famous brand.

I did not find any fault in it when I did the playtest, nor did I find any negative remarks in my surveys. It is the best tennis shoes for high arches for fast players as it provides high stability at volleys and returns.


Wilson has always been famous because of the tennis gear it provides. Wilson always focuses on bringing something new to the field. With Rush Pro 2.5, Wilson hit the court and made a considerable noise. All sorts of players have been using Rush Pro 2.5 for various reasons. 

Comfort and support are on top of it. They come in a perfectly designed soft footbed for high arches. Wilson used the seam-free technology so that the feet don’t feel any seam rubbing over.

They do not have a flashy design because Wilson focused more on providing comfort to players with high arches. However, they come in a wide range of colors and sizes. The best thing is that it is made both for men and women.

If you are looking for a stable shoe with a firm grip and high support at the arch, then Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 is one of the best tennis shoes for high arches.


New Balance has been topping the tennis field for more than decades. They always bring innovation to the field with their gear. 806 tennis shoes were no different. These shoes were utterly comfortable and highly supportive.

New Balance made 806, especially for players with high arches. One of the best things about 806 shoes is that they targeted every single player. They come in various sizes and for every sort of foot. 

Like New Balance went all out with this one. They made 806 available for narrow feet, smart feet, wide feet, and extra-wide feet. Not only did they target male but female players as well. They also added a few minor innovations. 

New Balance added a soft cold lining inside the shoes to keep the feet cold and moisture-free.

You may not find it satisfying because it is available in only one color and design. However, 806 tennis shoes have an overall rating of five stars regardless of this fact. 

06. New Balance Fresh Foam Lav V1

Lav V1 is one of the few best tennis shoes for high arches full of features. Lav V1 can facilitate the players with high arches without any hitches. I love the fact that New Balance went all out with their additions.

Lav V1 is a better choice for men as compared to women. However, even for women they are no less. They have a perfect fit with knitted body construction. They are designed in a way to keep the feet relaxed and comfortable.

The midsole is cushioned with fresh foam. It helps the players with high arches to have high support. A complete layer of durable rubber is placed to make it shock absorbent. This way, players can perform well for the longer times. 

They also have supportive and synthetic textiles both inside and outside. Along with many other things, these shoes are famous for their primary colors and design. In short, it is one of the best tennis shoes for high arches.

07. Yonex Power Cushion Fusion Rev 4

I know that Yonex is a brand associated with badminton. However, Yonex has been in the highlights with its gear for tennis players. Fusion Rev 4 is one of the shoes famous among women with high arches. 

They are famous for providing ultimate support and power cushioned midsole. These shoes are famous among rough players and are highly shock absorbent. One of the reasons this product is different from other brands is in the graphite sheet used. 

With added comfort, Yonex added a graphite sheet for added stability, especially for high arches. These shoes are made with highly endurable material. They are made to survive the rough environments regardless of the type of players. 

Another thing that I found very interesting is that these shoes were highly breathable. The textile and material used are perfect both from the inside and outside. The only thing a few players did complain about was a slightly fit-toe box. 

As for the rest, these shoes got a 4.7 rating from their players.

08. K-Swiss Hypercourt Express

I have noticed one thing after playing Tennis for years; it is always about support, stability, and speed for men. They would only look for these three things in their gears, including shoes. As for women, they may worry about design, colors, and comfortability.

Both are right on their own, so talking about the best shoes for high arches, I would recommend K-Swiss Hypercourt Express. They are one of the few shoes with many men and women players addicted to them. 

K-Swiss Hypercourt Express is famous for its features, including various colors, sizes, and widths. Also, Hypercourt Express is made solely for players with high arches. It provides them with a perfect tight grip and comfortable arch support. 

You won’t feel the pain or stress on your knees and lower limbs. Plus, they are made to enhance the performance level of players, including their speed and swing support. I just fell for their construction pattern. They are made especially for rough courts. So, you can play without worrying about any court.

09. Wilson Amplifeel 2.0

Wilson Amplifeel 2.0 is one of a kind shoe with high ankle support. It is a perfect fit for all athletes. About 17% of the overall athletes have been using it for years. Many tennis players go for it because it is unisex. 

Wilson hit the sports field with one of its best of all times. These shoes provide high ankle support to players with high arches. They have high breathability that keeps your feet dry throughout the game.

Amplifier 2.0 comes in only a few selected colors. However, these shoes are famous for the rigid support on all kinds of courts for athletes. The only drawback that I found on this one is the price tag. 

Otherwise, it is one of the best tennis shoes for high arches for men and women. They can play any game style according to their will without worrying about the court or any other thing.

10. Wilson RUSH PRO 3.5

Wilson Rush Pro 3.5 shoes are one of the softest shoes on the list of best tennis shoes for high arches. They never compromise on comfortability and durability. They are famous for all kinds of courts. 

 Also, they have a reputation for reaching all parts of the court without visible effort. They are made to look comfortable along with providing the same feel. These shoes are famous among men and women equally.

However, if we consider the ratio, men wear Rush Pro 3 times that of women. Not only that, beginners, intermediates, and even professionals all go for the comfort and lightweight of Rush Pro. 

They provide balance to the body and gait of the player. It, in turn, helps the performance, and the stability helps the high arches feel real comfort.

11. Salomon Sense Ride 4 Shoes

Salomon Sense Ride 4 are shoes made for running or, to be more specific, they are made for trails. It is clear they are durable; they can conquer rough surfaces without difficulty.

They are made to handle the extreme pressure and all other extreme conditions. These shoes have been spotlighted because of their performance and high support on rougher surfaces. I just loved the solid support and soft support for high arches. 

Many tennis players, including a coach for women, recommended these shoes during the surveys. All the players have one thing in common to say about these shoes Ride 4 shoes are highly reliable, and they don’t tire out the players even after hours. 

The support to a high arch is one of the best features, along with enhanced durability and breathability. 

These shoes are available in the market for both men and women; however, they are not popular among women compared to men. As for women, only a few professionals with high arches favor Ride 4 tennis shoes. 


So, the above mentioned is my list of best tennis shoes for high arches. Again, there are infinite shoes made to solve all the troubles players face on all sorts of fields. I accumulated this list based on the use, durability, comfortability, and high arch support for players. 

I hope this list will help you with what you are looking for. If you have any questions, please ask in the comment section below.

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