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Best Tennis Shoes For Wide Feet (Men and Women)

Best Tennis Shoes For Wide Feet (Men and Women)

If you are a tennis player with wide feet, I know your struggle. Finding a pair of shoes that fit the wide feet is one of the game’s challenges. Many players are trying to find the best tennis shoes for wide feet.

However, they don’t even understand what they are looking for at the end of the day. And they go with either the best design or the famous brand. 

When it comes to tennis shoes, I would suggest a little search would do you some good if you buy the best tennis shoes for wide feet then never settle for regular tennis shoes, because they might cause injuries. 

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How to know if you have wide feet?

Finding the best tennis shoes for wide feet is a task for the latter. If you don’t even know whether you have wide feet or not, you can’t possibly find a perfect fit. There is a simple way to know if you got wide feet. 

If the sides of your feet hurt or you feel pressure on the sides while wearing shoes, it means you have wide feet. 

What to look for while buying the best tennis shoes for wide feet?

Tennis is a game that requires high stamina exertion. You have to make sudden and concise movements. Jumping and running is a must. You will need lateral support, enough cushioning for the feet, and a comfortable shoe. Also, a tennis player must make sure that their toe box fits the shoe. 

Often players wear shoes and find them comfortable, but they feel pressure on their toes after some time. It will cause you discomfort and may affect your game. 

Below I have accumulated a list of the best tennis shoes for wide feet for both men and women. So let’s dig in. 

01. New Balance 696v3

When it comes to tennis shoes for wide feet, Yonex, Adidas, and Asics take the lead. However, New Balance is gaining popularity in making shoes for indeed wider feet. I loved their New Balance 696v3. They put in a lot of effort to make it comfortable wear for wide feet. 

To increase the performance, New Balance updated their herringbone outsole and worked on the forefoot. I loved how it is utterly breathable and comfortable to wear. It is beneficial in groundstrokes and gives you a solid grip. 

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02. Brooks Ghost 14 Running Shoes

These are not tennis shoes; however, I loved them when I used them in my game. They are made solely for running. So, as far as the durability, comfort, and fit are concerned, they are a perfect match. 

Brooks Ghost 14 shoes are incredibly breathable. Especially the toe box feels so comfortable and free, yet at the same time, it is under a stiff grip. It comes in various sizes, and the best part is that they are available for both men and women

They fit perfectly for wide feet and provide you with extreme lateral support. The only thing I wonder is why none of the players have tried this one. I just fell in love with the performance scale that these shoes provided. 

03. AKK Women’s Tennis Shoes

Women with wide feet looking for the best tennis shoes for their slow pace should try this one. It is developed using a highly breathable upper mesh. You will find your feet cushioned in the cotton cloud. 

The best part about Akk’s shoes is that they are durable. One of my juniors used this pair for quite some time, and their performance was getting better with each game. These shoes are incredibly lightweight.

So women looking for a solid grip and a low-weight shoe will love this one. Plus, I loved how they used nonslip rubber to increase the friction and ground support for the body. 

04. Adidas Barricade Classic Bounce

Most men playing tennis have wide feet, and they never get to feel the comfort of a perfect fit for their feet. Adidas Barricade is an excellent shoe for wide feet. Plus, it is highly effective on the court. 

It gets an A+ on the durability test. Even after weeks of harsh playing on the court, these shoes worked like new. Also, they are good at performance. So players looking for high-performance shoes with stiff fit and comfort should try this one. 

Adidas used the Bounce technology in this pair, and you can feel it thoroughly on the court. Your movements become agile, and the sole support your body firmly. 

05. STQ Tennis Shoes For Women

Having a shoe that fits naturally and gives you a comfortable feeling is truly a blessing. STQ is one of the best tennis shoes for wide feet. I loved the highly flexible material and the high breathable texture. 

Once your feet dive into the shoe, it fits automatically. The shoelaces help settle your feet under a firm grip and a cushiony surface. On the rear, these shoes have a nonslip patch. With the help of this patch, the STQs are made wearable on all types of courts.

They are readily available in the market at a very reasonable price. There is one more thing that I love about this brand. They offer a 30day payback if you are not comfortable with the shoe.

06. Diadora Speed Blushield 4

With the perfect balance of polyester and rubber, the Diadora Speed Blushield 4 has been making the headlines for quite some time. They are highly sought-after shoes by players with wide feet. What I loved the most about this pair of shoes is that it is available for both men and women. 

Blushield 4 provides you a high comfort, traction, and stability. You no longer need to worry about losing balance on volleys and returns. I loved the confident feel when I did the playtest with it. 

They were exceptionally well at groundstrokes, volleys, and returns. I didn’t lose my balance throughout the game and jumped freely on returns. It was made specifically for wide feet. So I can assure you that it is one of the best tennis shoes for wide feet. 

However, they don’t come in sizes to cater to narrow-feet players. 

07. Asics Men’s Gel- Dedicate 6

Asics made the Gel-Dedicate 6 for high durability. They made it with an entire rubber sole to reduce the impact on the heels. I tell you that they have succeeded in it. I loved the soft yet perfectly balanced feel when I wore them. 

One of my seniors has been using them for a long, and that made me want to do a playtest with them. They were made for players with wide feet and a rough playing style. Gel-Dedicate 6 can absorb shocks better than many other shoes. However, this one thing made me think twice about its performance. 

Because of their heavy construction, they become short on breathability, and thus their size differs. So it is better to go a half size up when buying these shoes. Plus, they take some time to fit in. Given the comfort and performance, these points hardly matter. Like every single shoe, you will take time to settle.

08. Vionic’s Zeliya Sneakers

So, I have a habit of checking out whatever shoes piqued my interest. I don’t go for a specific game to try them. I have to run to build up my stamina, so I prefer to have a pair that can keep up with me and comfort me. 

Plus, while playing tennis, I tend to be a bit fast and rough, so obviously, I need a pair with which I can fully trust my movements. Vionic’s Zeliya sneakers are one of a kind. For women who are fast and have wide feet, I would recommend Zeliya sneakers. 

They are made specifically for wide feet and fast pace players. They have a breathable mesh and a solid grip outsole. I loved that these shoes were approved by the podiatrist and recommended for wide with to have comfort. 

09. Babolat Propulse Fury for Men

Babolat never ceases to amaze us with its gear. The Propulse Fury is a pair made for players looking for a transition. These shoes take the game to a new level with their comfort level and the open-toe box. 

It targets the players with wide feet to improve their performance. I loved the designs, plus the shape. They have attractive color combinations that make them a perfect fit for solid players. They have been on top of all their tests for durability and breathability. 

Many professionals have been using them, and their games tell tales. 

10. Babolat Propulse Fury for Women

Babolat Propulse Fury for men became so famous that they decided to launch a version for women. And without a doubt, it became popular as well. The targeted audience was the same; the players with wide feet. 

I asked one of my seniors if this was a perfect fit for women with wide feet or not. She said she had been playing tennis for about nine years, and it was the second time that she felt she should not move on another shoe. 

Its sole is entirely rubber and shock absorbing; this makes it durable and a good fit for rough players. You don’t have to worry about the court’s surface with them on.

11. Prince Men’s T22 Tennis Shoe

Prince is among the brands that have had good shoes for more than a decade now. It is one of my favorites when it comes to shoes. The reason is that Prince is very keen on developing their gear. They are known for using advanced technology in their shoes. 

It makes them stand out. You can see the difference in the designs of Prince and other brands. I found this pair when I was looking for an open shoebox. And I found it exceptionally well suited for wide feet. 

Plus, it provides comfort to the wide feet’ pressure points, and you can jump in the game as soon as you wear them. They don’t take time to settle. Also, they are constructed to be very much ventilated.  

I just loved that they are incredibly flexible and shock absorbent at the same time.

12. K-Swiss Express Light 2 Clay

Express Light 2 Clay is one of the best sellers of K-Swiss. They updated the upper design and shanks for added performance and enhanced stability. The fit and comfort that comes with this pair are extraordinary. 

After a playtest, I can assure you that it is one of the best tennis shoes for players with wide feet. I know the struggle and pain one goes through when they don’t have comfortable footwear. 

These shoes relieve the pain on the pressure points of wide feet, giving them a new comfort level. Express Light 2 Clay also gives you enhanced performance, and they balance out your body with their solid grip. 

I have witnessed many players wearing K-Swiss Express Light 2 Clay. Their level and performances were very different, yet the comfort and relaxation they felt were the same. 

So, I can say that it is an excellent fit for different kinds of players. Plus, I love how they have a variety of colors to choose from.

13. Wilson Kaos 2.0 All Court For Men

Wilson is a brand known for bringing the change to the court. I must say that it is not exaggerated. Kaos 2.0 is one of the most stylish tennis shoes for wide feet you will ever see. The color combination, the design, the construction, and the durability are top-notch. 

It is a perfect fit for players with wide feet. It is incredibly lightweight and gives you an edge on the court. Even with the lightweight, their performance is unmatched. Kaos 2.0 is very durable and offers traction.

This pair is highly recommended for men, given the benefits of comfort, stability, and a perfect fit for wide feet. 

14. Wilson Kaos 2.0 All Court For Women

Kaos 2.0 became famous among women first because of its wide color range, design, and comfortability. Their performance on the court was a different story. Kaos 2.0 acted as a transition for intermediate players to professionals. 

They became the best tennis shoes for women with wide feet with enhanced durability and performance. They come in various sizes targeting a large number of players. 

The only thing that made me a little concerned was that the toe box was narrow for some women. Thus, it did not provide the level of comfort that it did for men in the long run. Otherwise, Kaos 2.0 is exceptionally well with support and stability. 

If you want to try them out for a few short games, I would recommend them. 


The above mentioned was my list of selected few best tennis shoes for wide feet for men and women. I did not mention many other shoes in this list because I targeted the “wide feet” factor this time.

You can also try Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 and Adidas Barricade Boost. Both are excellent for men with wide feet who are struggling with their pressure points. However, they are far better for performance and enhanced durability. 

I hope the list mentioned above will help you with what you are looking for. If you have any questions, please ask in the comment section below. 

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