Wilson Clash 100L

Wilson Clash 100L

Wilson has been making its name in sports by providing the best of the bests. In tennis, it offers a wide range and style of racquets to all sorts of players. Wilson is more focused on providing a product of classic and modern racquets.

It offers five major racquet ranges; Pro staff, Ultra, Clash, Blade, and Burn. Among them, I am working on the Clash series. Wilson Clash 100L is a racquet that became famous for the groundbreaking control and flexibility in the Clash series.

After Wilson Clash 100, Wilson Clash 100L started as a game-changer. And it has been among the best racquets with great flex. 

What does Wilson Clash 100L do?

As I said, it features exceptional flexibility along with precise control. Wilson tried to make up for the minor flaws that many players felt with Clash 100. They focused on control and balance with increased flexibility. 

Wilson Clash 100L gives the players an added level of maneuverability. Players have found it very easy and fast to swing without putting strain on the elbow or shoulders. I am amazed by the genius of Wilson that they have embedded the latest technologies in Wilson Clash 100L. 

I’ll explain them later; however, these technologies have achieved the impossible. They made Wilson Clash 100L bendable. It bends in different dimensions giving more time to the racquet head for keeping the ball. 

If it were any other racquet, bending along with the type of swing would make a racquet unstable. However, Wilson Clash 100L does not sacrifices its stability while doing so. Wilson Clash 100L increases the confidence of the players with every shot.

Play Test of Wilson Clash 100L

Wilson Clash 100L has been the most flexible racquet along with performance, easy swing, and easy maneuverability. I am very fond of the technologies used in the clash series. Thus I did a playtest with Wilson Clash 100L. 

To get a different opinion about the racquet, I asked my junior, an intermediate player, to do the playtest with me. And as I had expected, some of the remarks were different. Let’s start with Volleys.


My colleague nor I suffered any discomfort during volleys. Rather, for intermediate players like him, it is a gem. It allows you control without worrying about the power push from the opponents. 

It is extremely easy to maneuver. Plus, I hardly felt any vibration regardless of the power.

Ground Strokes:

The factor that makes it famous is the easy playability along with comfort. The performance of this racquet on groundstrokes especially is utterly amazing. Swinging is so much fun and comes easy with this one. 

This racquet acts as a transition for beginners and intermediate players. It acts as a bridge for beginners to intermediates and intermediates to professionals. 

With Wilson Clash 100L, many professionals have claimed that this racquet gives the power needed to attack or defend easily. I also found it very comfortable as soon as I joined the game. 

I didn’t have to push myself like a madman to defend my spot. Power was flowing the right way.


As they always say, “Better serve best results.” As a tennis player, I have seen many people who struggle at serves. I did as well. And it is truly a blessing to find a racquet that will help you with your serves. 

Wilson Clash 100L takes care of that job. Then again, many professionals prefer a heavy racquet no matter the scenario. For them serving with Wilson Clash 100L may not be satisfactory. However, this racquet is the best one for the intermediate and beginners to help them improve.


Returns are always tricky, and many players think that they are similar to the volleys in power and control. I share their opinion. Because it’s lightweight, you can always move quickly to make contact with the ball.

The balance is maintained, and no matter the power you put in, you will not feel the pressure of the returns. That is the best thing I found in this racquet.


Since the Wilson Clash series focuses mainly on flexibility and control, the technologies used throughout the Clash series are the same. Wilson only made a slight adjustment and added a few materials while building the frame of the racquets.

It was done to achieve the solo feature that every Clash Model focused on. For example, Clash 100L focuses on performance, control, and basic factors. 

The basic technologies used in Wilson Clash 100L’s development are

  • Free Flex
  • Stable Smart
  • Dynamic Stability X section
  • Modified texture 

The other 3 technologies implemented are the same as the Clash 100. But in Wilson Clash 100L, they modified the texture and material slightly. Wilson did this to give the player a better grip and increase the performance eventually. And as you can see, they have succeeded amazingly.

Wilson Clash 100 L features

It has the following interesting features because of the modern technologies used. 

  • Parallel Drilling
  • 3D bending
  • Vertical Bending
  • Lightweight frame

Wilson Clash 100L is constructed so that its string bed gives a more forgiving feel by naturally increasing the sweet spot. Like I said earlier, the Wilson Clash series has used new technologies to make it bend flexibility. It is engineered so that it can bend in every direction in response to the coming ball.

It does not sacrifice control by doing so. Rather Wilson Clash 100L keeps the stability to the maximum during this bending. The vertical bending allows the players to have more contact time between the ball and the string bed. Thus they can swing easily with a larger sweet spot and more accuracy.

The lightweight frame of Wilson Clash 100L helps increase the maneuverability and allows beginners to experience more free swings.

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Overall Positives and Negatives of Wilson Clash 100L




Head Size100 sq. in
Length27 in
Weight280 g
CompositionHigh-performance Carbon Fiber
String Pattern16*19
Grip typeWilson pro performance
Power levelMedium
Beam Width24.5 mm

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To sum it up, Wilson Clash 100L is the better version of Clash 100. Just that it is not best suited for professionals. However, if they want to play with it, it won’t bother them. I don’t find it disturbing rather, I feel control-oriented. 

Then again, depending on the player’s physique, style and likes, they can choose whichever racquet they want. I tried to mention all the points, and I hope that it may be helpful to you.

If you have any queries, please ask in the comment section.

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