Wilson Clash 100 Reviewed 

Wilson Clash 100 Reviewed

Wilson is a name that every tennis player knows of. Whether they are beginners or professionals, even non-tennis players have an idea about Wilson. Wilson is a powerhouse in the field of tennis. Many famous players have been using their products for a long time. 

Wilson is famous for adding extra flexibility and comfort to their work. Keeping in view, I have picked Wilson Clash 100 today, which is famous for its enhanced comfort and flexibility.

Although it comes in slightly heavier as compared to the others, however, Wilson Clash 100 is bound to damage your opponents on the court.

What does Wilson Clash 100 do?

To analyze the Wilson Clash 100, I did a playtest with one of my friends. He is a professional who has been playing tennis for more than 18 years now. So let’s see what results we got during the playtest.


While playing with it, I did not feel any vibrations. More accurately, it did not allow any vibrations to discomfort my hand or elbow. This racquet makes it easy to play volleys. 

However, since my friend was also playing with the same racquet, he mentioned that volleys lack a little stability. That, in turn, can be ignored given the easiness of hitting amiss volleys. It is extremely good for aggressive baseliners.

Ground strokes:

Many players, including myself, have concluded that on groundstrokes, this racquet crosses everyone in the line. It was so perfect with the balance between control and power. You will feel the extreme flex on-ground strokes. 

It is quite satisfactory when it comes to Wilson Clash 100.


You can see the easy maneuverability of Wilson Clash on serves. That is the opinion of almost all players. But as for me, if it is compared to Wilson Ultra of Babolat Pure Drive, it lacks balance on serves. 

However, it does makeup with enhanced spin and comfort, covering this minor flaw that many players don’t even feel.


As for returns, different players had different views. Most of the players found it excellent because it was easy to maneuver. Also, the racquet’s frame is spin-friendly, which helps keep the ball in the play. 

The majority of the player felt a little imbalance when returning strong serves. The players felt that it could do the deed if the racquet head were a little heavy. However, for me, weight does not make any difference. 

Although returning the strong serves becomes a little tricky, it is challenging and helps players grow beyond their limits. 

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Wilson had been putting a huge effort into bringing out the best product. Wilson Clash 100 series is proof because it is being constantly updated. You will find every next version to be better than the previous one.

It is possible only because Wilson had been playing with different technologies to check which will make the best of the best. Following are the technologies Wilson used in Clash 100.

  • Free Flex
  • Stable Smart
  • Dynamic Stability X-Section

Free Flex

As the name tells us, the racquet has been engineered so that it is extremely flexible. Wilson Clash 100 was developed using Free Flex technology to bend according to every swing style.

Not to mention that Wilson Clash 100 was the first racquet to be developed using such technology.

Stable Smart

When we talk about a frame, a flexible frame sounds good only if it does not compromise stability. Many racquets have this flaw. However, Wilson has embedded a Stable Smart technology in the frame of Clash 100.

It allows the frame to adjust itself flexibly without affecting the power or stability. 

Dynamic Stability X-Section

While adding flex, there is always a doubt that the racquet’s stability will be compromised, and it will affect the game’s control. Thus, Wilson added this technology to keep the frame stable. It enabled the players to confidently play and feel control and comfort throughout the game

On a scale of 1-10, how good is Wilson Clash 100?

If I were to pass a judgment on Wilson Clash 100, I would keep these few factors in mind. 

  • Volleys
  • Serves
  • Returns
  • Groundstrokes
  • Power
  • Spin 
  • Control
  • Comfort
  • Maneuverability

After doing the in-depth analysis of Wilson Clash 100, I have concluded that it is an extremely praise-worthy racquet. Although it may have some minor flaws, it varies from player to player. 

It happens with every single racquet. Some players may find a racquet excellent to play with, while some may find it hardly friendly. As for Wilson Clash 100, it gets an overall score of 9/10.

Depending on all these factors and its performance, Wilson Clash 100 is worthy of this score.

Wilson Clash Models

Below are the few famous models from the Wilson Clash series,

  • Wilson Clash 100 Pro
  • Wilson Clash 100L
  • Wilson Clash 100UL
  • Wilson Clash 98
  • Wilson Clash 108

Overall Positives and Negatives of Wilson Clash 100:




Head Size100 sq. in
Length27 in
Weight310 g (strung)
CompositionHigh-performance carbon fiber
String Pattern16*19
Balance7 pts HL
Grip typeWilson pro performance
Power levelMedium
Beam Width24.5 mm

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So, above mentioned was everything about the Wilson Clash 100. To wrap it up, I will say that it is a worthy contender for beginners and players who struggle with frame stiffness. If you are an aggressive baseliner, this racquet will do wonders for you. 

Although it has its little flaws but what doesn’t have them? The features and benefits that Wilson Clash 100 offers overshadow the small to none flaws. However, this racquet is not recommended for people looking for single factors like power or performance. Otherwise, it is the best choice any player could have. 

I hope this was a bit helpful to you. If you have any queries, then please ask in the comment section

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