Wilson Clash 100UL  (Reviewed)

Wilson Clash 100UL (Reviewed)

Wilson Clash series is famous for bringing extreme flex and comfortability, and power to the field. Wilson Clash 100UL is no different. It has been selected as the best tennis racquet for beginners.

The reason is that it is extremely lightweight as compared to its predecessors. It focuses on the performance of each player. Beginners find it easy to blend in with the game. Wilson has been focusing on flex, power, and performance as they bring out the Clash series. 

Wilson Clash 100UL became famous among beginners when it came into the market. The sole reason was the weight of this racquet. Let’s do an in-depth analysis of what exactly is different about Wilson Clash 100UL.

What does Wilson Clash 100UL do?

Wilson Clash 100UL is known as the lightest and most maneuverable racquet from the Clash series today. Even with such a small weight, it offers extensive stability. Given the weight, it is very rare for a racquet to provide such stability.

It has been proven best for the players who want to improve in lesser time. This racquet is extremely good with groundstrokes and delivers accurate shots with balanced power. Like all other racquets in the clash, series flex is a given. 

It is to note here that the flex increases slightly with every update from the Wilson Clash series. It is proof that every new addition is different and better than its predecessor. 


Play Test of Wilson Clash 100UL

Like I said earlier, I have my hands on the clash series so I will do an in-depth analysis of every single piece. As this racquet is best suited for beginners; so, I decided to ask one of the newcomers to do the deed. 

I wanted to have two different opinions simultaneously without being biased. Being a professional, using a racquet for a beginner won’t be wrong. However, the results that a beginner and a professional will feel with the same racquet will be different. So let’s start with Volley.


So that you know for beginner’s volleys are difficult just like the serves. It takes time to learn volleys and beginners face a hard time. In such cases having a suitable racquet will help a lot. 

Surprisingly my beginner colleague found volleys easiest when playing with Wilson Clash 100UL. He started playing recently and faced problems with Volleys even when his posture was perfect. 

I did another test. I asked a female beginner with a slightly solid build to check if she finds it easy on volleys with Wilson Clash 100UL or not? Well, she had the same answer. Their improvement starts with volleys for all beginners if they are playing with Wilson Clash 100UL. 

As for a professional, even without focusing, this racquet does the job perfectly.

Ground Strokes:

Ground strokes are one thing along with serves that determine a player’s performance. Beginners are always worried about such things. Well, all sorts of players are. You will see that other tennis racquets focus more on performance while putting strain on your body.

Well, here, Wilson Clash 100UL is a bit different from them. Beginners always try to make sure that they give better shots with added power and control but avoid strain and injury. Wilson Clash 100UL is built so that it bends at the right time. 

It is all thanks to the flexibility of the Clash series. This racquet has been helpful for beginners and acts as a transition for them to the intermediate level.


I have found Wilson Clash 100UL a perfect one on the server for beginners. Apart from my personal experience, I saw my colleague playing with it, and his service improved a lot. Serves are the base of a good game. 

Serves are point earners for you, and Wilson Clash 100UL gives you a little power boost at the serves. So, you can rest assured and focus more on your playing technique.


Returns are always a troublesome factor for beginners. The pressure on the beginners so much that it puts strain on their body, and their performance decrease. In such cases having a reliable racquet is a blessing. 

Wilson Clash 100UL is quick to react to the coming high-speed ball. It is lightweight, which comes in handy because it moves faster than the racquets that require effort because of their heavy weight.

Then again, I have noticed that if the opponent is a professional, then power and speed are given. Beginners struggle in such cases with Clash 100UL. However, overall this racquet is extremely good at returns for beginners and intermediate players.

Wilson Clash 100UL dominating factors

Wilson Clash 100UL has some dominating factors. These factors were also present in its predecessors, but they are highlighted in Clash 100UL. 


This racquet mainly focuses on beginners and their performance. However, if intermediate players are looking for a control-oriented, flexible racquet, Wilson Clash 100UL is the best choice. It helps intermediate players perform a control-oriented game along with accuracy.


This racquet is surprisingly good with spins. The wider string pattern (16*19) allows for an added spin with control.


Clash series are famous for added power along with flexibility. The string pattern also greatly contributes to enhancing the power during shots.


With a lighter frame, Wilson Clash 100UL is extremely maneuverable. It is arm-friendly, and players don’t feel the strain on their bodies even after playing for hours.


Three basic technologies are implemented in the Clash series. All racquets of the Clash series have them as a must. However, all racquets from the Clash series focus on one sole factor. Thus some of the technologies are modified. 

Wilson experiments with these technologies by either adding or changing a few materials in the development. The results, however, are remarkable.

A unique carbon element power the frame of Wilson Clash 100UL. It helps the frame bend flexibly without sacrificing stability and added features. Free flex technology is used to enhance flexibility. 

Wilson incorporated Free Flex technology with Stable smart to focus more on comfort and control. It helps increase comfort while keeping stability. Lastly, the implementation of Dynamic stability allows the racquet to maintain balance when added power. 


Like all the other Clash series racquets, Wilson Clash 100UL also showcases these basic features.

  • Lightweight
  • Parallel drilling
  • Torsional Bending 
  • 3D bending

Its lightweight helps improve the speed of the shots. The shots become more accurate by adding speed and 3D bending power, and the opponents feel struggling. Torsional bending stabilizes the carbon mapping when faced with off-center shots. 

In short, if the player is not focused or even some off-center shots with some imbalance occur, this racquet uses the forgiving feel and takes care of the shots with parallel and torsional bending. 

Overall Positives and Negatives of Wilson Clash 100UL:




Head Size100 sq. in
Length27 in
Weight265 g (unstrung)
CompositionHigh-performance carbon fiber
String Pattern16*19
Balance1 pts HL
Grip typeWilson pro performance
Power levelMedium
Beam Width24.5 mm


Performance-wise Wilson Clash 100UL is slightly better than its predecessors. Flexibility is a given no matter the model of the Clash series. This racquet proves to be the best for beginners who aim for performance with flexibility. 

It improves the volleys and groundstrokes and serves that many beginners and intermediate players struggle with. Overall, this racquet is good for starters and intermediates for a control-oriented game. But as you improve and level up, you need to focus more on returns against aggressive players.

So, the about mentioned was all about the Wilson Clash 100UL. I hope this helps you with what you are looking for. If you have any queries, then please ask in the comment section

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