Wilson Clash 98 (Reviewed)

Wilson Clash 98 (Reviewed)

If you are an intermediate or advanced player and looking for a racquet with comfort, then Wilson Clash 98 is your best choice. Like all other racquets in the Clash series, Wilson Clash 98 also has great flex.

However, it also focuses on the sole element of comfort. Wilson Clash 98 has been proven one of the best comfortable racquets, along with extreme flex and arm friendliness. Many other racquets offer the same features. But Wilson Clash 98 will always be among the bests.

What does Wilson Clash 98 do?

This racquet from the Clash series is famous for being a baseline racquet. It has a great feel and gives you control over your groundstrokes. It has a record of maintaining stability against hard hits. It is a feat that many racquets fail to achieve. 

Wilson made a few changes to Clash 98 for better control and extra stability. They reduce the head size by 2 inches. That reduces the power by a few ounces; however, it increases the stability and control.

The smaller head size is combined with a slightly heavyweight. It allows Wilson Clash to have a middle ground between a heavy racquet and a light racquet. Wilson Clash 98 contains both the maneuverability of a lightweight racquet and the stability of a heavy racquet.

Wilson increased the racquet’s spin potential but maintained their focus on strong control and comfort. It resulted in high performance and precise control with ultimate flex.

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Play Test of Wilson Clash 98

Let’s do an in-depth study of Wilson Clash 98 to know if it is as good at performance as its predecessors or if there are any flaws. Starting from volleys


If I compare it to Wilson Pro Staff, then on volleys, it is a little behind. However, many players only come into the net off strong approaches. In such cases, this racquet plays its best role. 

Wilson Clash 98 allows you to enjoy extreme maneuverability and feel. It brings confidence in your volleys which puts a lot of pressure on your opponents.

Ground Strokes:

If I were to put it simply, then Wilson Clash 98 is made for the groundstrokes. Because of the weight and flexibility, the racquet swings faster than the rest. It converts your normal shots to controllable shots that put your opponent off their game.

When I tried this racquet, I felt that this racquet is very aggressive on groundstrokes, but it provided extreme control. This racquet is perfect on the feel as well. You will not be disappointed however you play with it.


Like I said earlier, all players need to serve. The better service, the better results. Starting from beginners, even professionals worry about their volleys. Having a racquet that takes care of your worries is the best. 

As for performance on volleys, this racquet is second to none. It not only performs well on first serves but also on second serves. It gives you plenty of topspin. It brings a lot of discomfort to your opponents. 

Wilson Clash 98 gives you everything; spin, power, comfort, performance, control. So, you can hardly find any problem with it.


In return, this racquet is exceptionally impressive. As compared to its predecessors, it gives a great performance. Intermediate players and professionals opt for this one. On returns, it gives a power boost to your shots. 

With its ability to swing fast and hit shots with greater power, it provides accuracy. So, no matter how off-center your shots are or how overpowered they are, Wilson Clash 98 will return them with added power. 

It is enough to shift the flow of the game.

Rating Wilson Clash 98 on a scale of 1-10

If I were to rate Wilson Clash 98 on a scale of 1-10, I would give it 9 out of 10. There are several reasons for it. First, although it is best suited for intermediate and professional players; however, it has a broad range that covers all needs of all sorts of players. 

So it is safe to say that many players are going to love it no matter their level. As for performance, this racquet has proven the best among the Clash series. In terms of power, spin, control, comfort, and flex, Wilson Clash 98 leaves many behind. 

Many famous professionals have been using Wilson Clash 98 because of the comfort level while keeping the stability. It is safe to say that Wilson Clash 98 is well equipped for modern games. 

This racquet has performed exceptionally well while playing with both singles and doubles. Not many expected it to be so good at everything. You can hardly find any fault in it. However, when talking about a racquets performance, a player’s built and playing style also matters. 

Some players may not find it extremely comfortable, but that is possible. And judging from its performance, some factors can be overlooked.


Wilson Clash 98 is engineered using the same technologies as all other racquets from the Clash series.

  • Free Flex
  • StableSmart
  • Dynamic Stability 

The only difference in the racquet is the reduced head size and increased weight. With these technologies embedded in the frame and core of Wilson Clash 98, stability and control are enhanced. 

This racquet has become the favorite of the lot because of its features. It is a tad bit better than the rest of the series. Wilson focused more on performance, comfort, stability, and flex in this version. 

I must say that I have not encountered any other racquets as stable as Wilson Clash 98. The best part is that Wilson focuses on improving a player’s overall performance. It includes all players. Be it beginners, intermediate, or beginners, players have expressed their loyalties to the Wilson Clash series.  Racquets from the Clash series are famous because innovative technologies engineer them. Especially the smooth bending technology allows the racquet to adjust itself. The racquet bends in all directions smoothly while keeping stability a constant.

Overall Positives and Negatives of Wilson Clash 98




Head Size98 sq. in
Length27 in
Weight309 g
CompositionHigh-performance Carbon Fiber
String Pattern16*19
Grip typeWilson pro performance
Power levelMedium
Beam Width24 mm
Balance9pts HL

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Overall this racquet is best suited for intermediate players and professional players. Some beginners may opt for it because of its high comfort and performance level. Wilson Clash 98 is a great choice for players looking for heavy racquets with high topspin and power.

Although Wilson Clash 98 is lighter than other racquets for control; however, it provides the maximum control at groundstrokes, serves, and returns. Some players do find it unstable on the net, but that depends on the players built.

So, it was all about Wilson Clash 98. I hope it is helpful to you. If you have any queries, then please ask in the comment section.

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