11+ Best Cheap Racquets- For All Tennis Players

11+ Best Cheap Racquets- For All Tennis Players

Whenever you get to play Tennis, it always worries the players that what if they damage the racquet somehow? Having to have a racquet that meets your needs but it should also be cheap is something almost everyone wants. So below you will find the best cheap racquets available for all players.

Our Top Picks For Best Cheap Racquets

Gamma Sports JuniorCheck Price
S&S Worldwide- W4497 SpectrumCheck Price
Dunlop Nitro AdultCheck Price
HEAD Ti. ConquestCheck Price
HEAD Ti. InstinctCheck Price

So without letting you guys wait, I’ll move straight to the list. Here we go then!

12. HEAD Radical JR

HEAD is a name that has contributed a lot to tennis and other sports. The racquets from HEAD are of various ranges. If you are looking for variety and authenticity, then HEAD is one of the names that will always shine. 

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This racquet, in particular, is made especially for young tennis players. It has all the qualities that a young beginner Tennis player would look for. Plus, among the best beginner racquets, it is one of the cheapest that you can look for.

Detailed Features:

Brand HEAD
Length26 inches
Age Range8 to 12 yrs
Head Size105 inches

11. HEAD Ti. Instinct

It is one of the best cheapest tennis racquets available for almost all players. It provides an easy grip and wide throwing range. If given a choice, all casual players would go for this one.

One of the plus points this masterpiece has is its larger head side, and it creates a larger sweet spot. It is also a better companion for the players mastering precision. So being an all-rounder and being reasonable is a deadly combo that is rare.

Detailed Features:

Length27 in
MaterialFiber Glass
Age RangeAll Players
Head Size109 inches

10. Wilson Adult Recreational

There are all sorts of players, and they look for racquets that match their beat. Some look for more compact swings. Some players go for a wider attack range. Or maybe some are looking for increased power with stability. 

So, all in all, this racquet gives you stability with increased power. It also gives you a wide range to test your throws. This one quality makes it forgiving and more reliable. A wide range of players opts for this racquet, be they beginners of all ages or adults with experience. 

Detailed Features:

Weight317 g
Length27 inches
Age Range12 above
Head Size102 sq in

9. Tecnifibre Built NW

It is one of the best cheap racquets for a beginner kid or an intermediate-level young player compared to others of its level. This piece provides you with maximum durability.

Parents often go for this one because of its longer bumper guard. It protects its outer frame from scratches; thus, it keeps the racquet new and smooth. The plus point is that it comes at a reasonable price that helps parents and young players pick this one. 

Detailed Features:

Length4 ¼
Age Range6-13yrs
Head Size109 inches

8. HEAD Ti. Conquest

Adult players are a beginner or intermediate level or perhaps experienced level all of them require to change racquets frequently. Not because they like it, but the racquets can’t keep up with their performance.

Or the other reason is that they may not go well with their physique. Hence, HEAD provides a good racquet with added power and durability to cover the first obstacle. It provides great control over power with each shot

Detailed Features:

Length27 inches
MaterialTitanium Alloy
Age Range18+
Head Size108 inches

7. Wilson Junior

Normally kids are the ones who require a lot of change in their equipment. Either they tend to break it, or perhaps as they grow, the children need equipment that can help them enhance their skills.  

There can be many reasons, but parents have to buy them racquets more than once remains constant. In such cases, Wilson brings a handy piece that is reasonable and durable. It provides soft power for easy swinging. It is one of the best qualities any racquet has for beginners. 

Detailed Features:

Length28 inches
Age RangeUnder 11
Head Size95 sq inches

6. HEAD Instinct JR Girls

It is one of the cheapest tennis racquets for female beginners aged above 06. As we know, beginners have all sorts of tricks, and they love to try out new things. They like to test their limits and strengths. 

This racquet gives them a wider range to hit the ball because of its head size. It is durable and reduces vibration while hitting and throwing. It is one of the highly stable and arm-friendly racquets for female players.

Detailed Features:

Length23 inches
Age Range6+
Head Size98 in

5. Dunlop Nitro Junior

There are some racquets that both male and female players can use. Well, Dunlop’s Nitro is one such racquet used by almost 62% of beginner’s males, females included, as we all know that kids and teenagers prefer to have a piece that gives them room to grow.

This unique piece provides enough room to err and a larger sweet spot. It is user-friendly and allows the player to adapt to the court. This racquet provides high stability that every beginner requires as default.

Detailed Features:

Age Range12+
Head Size100 In

4. Dunlop Nitro Adult

Just like for juniors Dunlop provides a reasonable and arm-friendly racquet for adults at the beginner level. The point to note here is that most teenagers are recommended to use adult-level racquets. This one here is also recommended for youth above 13 and a must for adults.

This piece here is among the cheapest racquets available for adult beginners. Also, it is one of the most used racquets overall. It becomes a part of the player’s body, making their movements easy and fast.

Detailed Features:

Length27 in
Age Range18+
Head Size110 in

3. S&S Worldwide- W4497 Spectrum

This one here is one of a kind. This masterpiece is your new best friend for all novice players out there. It is made up of a combination of plastic and wood. It is as light as a feather. 

It comes with a reasonable price for all novice players, kids, or adults. Gender does not matter when it comes to S&S Worldwide. That is one of the reasons this product is highly sought of. Compared to others in terms of performance, it does help players to get a good idea of the game before joining.

Detailed Features:

BrandS7S Worldwide
Length21 in
Age RangeAll ages
Head SizeStandard

2. Wilson Junior (Youth Recreational)

It is one of the cheapest tennis racquets available for kids under 6. Naturally, kids that age can hardly manage equipment compared to teenagers or adults. Their skills are at the beginning stages. 

They can hardly ever manage to attain perfection. But this racquet helps players grow and reach a level of stability at their age. It is one of the user-friendly racquets, and an item highly sold overall.

Depending upon its size, color and material, its pricing starts from the minimum of $21 and goes up to $88

Detailed Features:

Weight201 g
Length23 in
MaterialAluminum & Air-Lite Alloy
Age RangeBelow 6
Head Size95 inches

1. Gamma Sports Junior

It is one of the cheapest and most used racquets available. Be it, beginners or intermediate-level players, this one is highly recommended. It gives the players confidence to use the court completely. 

Kids can easily test their limits with this one as it is arm-friendly and gives a lot of room to err. Its head size gives the players an extra comfort level and wide area to throw the ball however they want.

Detailed Features:

Length21 inches
Age RangeBelow 11
Head Size93 inches

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So above was a quick list of the 11+ best cheapest racquets available. I tried to make it short but precise in the hopes that it comes in handy whenever you are looking for a cheap racquet to start your game.  

I would love to know your thoughts about this list. The comment section is completely here for you, so do let us know if this list was of any help to you or not.

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