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9+ Best Tennis Shoes (Reviewed)

9+ Best Tennis Shoes (Reviewed)

Footwear is essential that all individuals need to be comfy with. As they say, a pair of shoes makes your gait and you. When talking about Tennis, a professional game, one always needs the best tennis shoes. Plyers will look for the one in which they are comfortable.

There are all sorts of players. So e might go for the allegiances with their specific brands and won’t try any other shoe. But some players prefer to have their own choices with colors and brands. 

Since Tennis is a game that requires a lot of footwork, having the best tennis shoes would only make it easier and more comfortable. If you don’t have a proper pair of shoes, you will feel tired and messy. So to help you guide with choosing the best tennis shoes for your games, I have accumulated a list below. 


What to Look For While Buying Tennis Shoes?

I did some playtests, I also did some surveys with popular shoe brands to get their reviews, and I also got appraisals from the players around. Before we start with the list, let me tell you something. To choose a pair of shoes for your game, you need to check for the following factors;

  • Durability
  • Support
  • Fit
  • Cost

Unlike your regular daily life footwear, tennis shoes are a bit different as you have to exert pressure, speed, power, and jump a lot of times. You must ensure that the shoes are strong enough to go through all the challenging work. 


The very first thing to consider while buying tennis shoes is durability. You need to check the ability of the boots to withstand the extreme pressure and force for a few hours continuously. Tennis is a sport that makes you jump, stop at once, and go back and forth. If your gear is not up to the mark and lacks durability, you cannot perform well in your game. 

So before buying any branded shoe, you must check its durability. Also, sometimes we are so used to a pair of shoes that we expect them to last long. Ho ever, there is an easy way to check if some shoes still have their durability or not. 

If you press both ends of the shoes and the shoe cave in themselves, they have lost their potential. It is about time you find something new for your perfect game. 


If you are new to Tennis, then you might not know this. The tennis shoes are always heavier than your regular running shoes. The reason is that Tennis requires a lot of running and places stress on your ankles and feet. 

If you are wearing light shoes, then you might feel uncomfortable. It might turn into an accident, and you have a twisted ankle. So before selecting the best tennis shoes, you must look for strong ones that will support your weight and abrupt playing style. 


It is something essential when it comes to footwear. If a shoe is too small, it will press your fingers and make you uncomfortable. If it’s too big and loose, you can’t move smoothly. It will feel like a cat in a sack. 

Additionally, a loose shoe may cause a trip over the court, and you cannot afford that. Avoiding any possible injury is the best way to stay in the game, and your shoes help you keep away from them. 


Cost or the price tag, not to say this, but, naturally, all of us check the price before buying anything. Often people like shoes that stand out in terms of colors or brands. Ho ever, if they don’t meet the needs of the court, then they are of no use to you. 

If you want to play a perfect game, then go for the shoes that are durable and a bit heavy on the ground. Do not look for a good design. Tennis shoes often don’t get a ten on 10 for design. Wh n playing Tennis, the best tennis shoes are the ones that bring out your true potential rather than the ones with bright colors or design.

Now let’s jump onto our list of the best tennis shoes.

Yonex Astrel 105

01. Asics Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes

As per the experts, Asics Gel- resolution is named the best tennis shoes. I have met a few professionals and experts, and they all said the same thing. There are very few tennis shoes that meet all the requirements perfectly. They are one of a kind as they come in for a large variety of players. 

They are incredibly comfortable; they provide fantastic support to your feet and knees. They can handle pressure and don’t disturb your balance. Tod Thielbar, a coach of Tennis in Philly, said that they are famous for their comfort level and style. One of my colleagues, Riley said that previously he had trouble with his playing because of shoes. 

However, now there is no such case. Riley has been wearing Asics gel- resolution, and it is incredibly smooth and fits completely. It gives you high stability. That pair of shoes hit all the requirements of the best tennis shoes. 

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02. K-Swiss Hypercourt Express2

Players with wider feet often look for heavy support for their feet. K- Swiss Hypercourt is explicitly made for players with wider feet. It gives them a perfect grip and lateral support, and stability. 

These shoes have made their name to the top in terms of durability. They come in standard and E2. The best part about these shoes is that they target a wide range of players. It can accommodate all sorts of players. Primarily, it is excellent for people with all kinds of heavy feet. 

Players with massive builds often worry about having a shoe that will fit them. I’ve seen many players struggling to find a perfect pair, so they don’t have to worry about looking down. K- Swiss Hypercourt Express 2 is famous among players with massive build and heavy feet.

One more factor that this particular shoe focuses on is speed. Usually, it is considered that people with heavy feet can be fast enough. However, it is wrong. People with bigger builds can be shorter only if they try. These shoes allow you to play faster, matching the pace of your opponents.

03. Babolat SFX 3

Like I always say, Babolat is a brand that takes its name up to the top without anyone telling. It is my personal favorite. I mentioned this piece in this list because having feet problems, skin allergies, feet infections, and pain is hard for the players. 

If you don’t take care of than adequately on time, there will be no players to play. Babolat SFX 3 targets players who face difficulty, especially Plantar Fasciitis. The y have worked meticulously on the sole and heel of the shoes. 

Plantar fasciitis requires you to add an extra pair of socks or place anything on the shoe’s heel. This product considers this little thing and has kept enough room within it. Speed, durability, and stability, Babolat SFX 3 does not compromise on any single one. It’s one of the best tennis shoes for Plantar Fasciitis.

Well, preventing heel injuries are always the first priority of any player.

04. Nike Court Air Zoom Vapor Pro (For Men & Women)

There is this logic behind the production of tennis shoes of different brands. Al brands focus on particular feet to produce a shoe that will meet its requirements. They focus on a specific factor that the shoe is going to justify. 

Like Nike Court, Air Zoom Vapor Pro is the most famous shoe among men and women. The reason is that players with narrow feet require a shoe to help them hold their ground comfortably. Hence Nike is here because they are famous for making shoes for little feet of both genders.

The best part is that they prevent any stiffness because of the thin mesh used inside the shoe. These shoes do not weigh you down. Instead, they are so light that you feel like owing the court. They are highly flexible and comfortable. N e sure is good at keeping its reputation.

05. Adidas Barricade (For Men and Women)

Adidas is famous for producing unmatchable support equipment. A das Barricade is a shoe made for a large variety of players. They don’t target any specific player; hence, many players can try this shoe. 

It is famous for bringing extreme stability and comfort to the players. I did a playtest with it because it struck me when I heard that almost all my juniors in the tennis club love this shoe. 
The best part is that they are not costly, so I would recommend you try this one for everyone looking for rigid support and a comfortable grip regardless of the feet type.

It has a very smooth inner lining. I did not feel the stiffness you felt after playing for a while. 
Even with heavyweight and extreme speed, my ankle was perfectly normal. There was no strain or any discomfort. I have tried the shoes until now, among them; I loved Adidas Barricade the most. 

One of the retired coaches I know also recommended it. She said that she often felt numbness in her feet. After playing for years, she ended up with Planter fasciitis. Her shoe was beneficial to her in enjoying her last months on the court.

06. New Balance Fresh Foam LAV

Whenever we talk about the best tennis shoes, New Balance Fresh Foam LAV is always on the list. It is famous for being the comfiest shoes in Tennis. When I did the playtest, I felt that I was standing on cotton. It is exceptionally bouncy and soft from the inside. 

You will love the light feeling and the bouncy touch like walking barefoot on your carpet. These shoes were made for all sorts of players. Often, players with wide feet and heavyweight come for this one, and they can’t stop loving them because of the comfort they provide.

I also got a chance to ask Jason James, a very talented and experienced tennis player. He also said that he had tried several shoes since he came into Tennis. Ho ever, he never encountered a shoe as soft as this one. The feel and relaxation that this shoe brings are unmatchable. 

07. Asics Court FF2

Asics Court FF2 has been gaining popularity for quite some time now. So I should give them a playtest. One of the main reasons I wanted to try them was because they are the shoes Novak Djokovic has been wearing. I must say that I never expected it, but they became one of my favorites.

If you look at the design, you will notice that they have a slightly higher sole. Ma y players think that it will bring discomfort and risk tripping on the field. Even with this high sole, these shoes are incredibly comfortable and give you a connected feel to the ground.

On durability, I would give them 10 out of 10. I’ve seen many other players with colossal physiques, and they were far more comfortable in Asics Court FF2 than the FF1. Ma y say that FF1 was better than FF2 because they were a bit softer than the FF2.

However, In my opinion, FF1 did not target a vast audience. FF is famous among many players of different built. Based on the durability, I would say FF2 is better than FF1.

08. Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4

It is one of the rarest pieces you will find in the market. The Adidas Ubersonic 4 was so popular that people demanded a relaunch. I did a playtest with Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4, and I loved the feel. 

It is recommended especially for players who want a lightweight feel on the court. Ma y players believe that durable shoes are mostly the ones with the heavy sole. However, after experiencing Adidas Ubersonic 4, I concluded that even a lightweight shoe could be stable.

It is incredibly comfortable and does not dig you down. Instead, its sole keeps your feet light, and you feel one with the court. They are good with speed and fast players. 

09. Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 4

I know that this brand is not associated with Tennis, but lately, many players have been using their gear and shoes. One of the experienced players of Safe Club, Adam Lee, said he has been using these shoes for more than eight months now

It piqued my interest, so I wanted to try it as well. The results were just excellent. I would recommend it for the players with small built. So e women also like to go for this one. 
It has this compact feel and comfort. If I were to rank its durability, I would say 7 out of 10. It is an excellent choice for players looking for comfort and a slow-paced game.

Since it is lightweight, many fast players also opt for it, but its durability makes them forfeit. 
Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 4 is slightly expensive compared to its other models. There is not much difference among the previous versions except for the weight. So if you are looking for little cheap shoes, I suggest you try the earlier versions of Mizuno Wave.

10. Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion 3

Yonex is famous for providing equipment for the game. It also provides shoes. Its top-ranking shoes are Yonex Power Cushion Exlipsion 3. They are well-known for extreme durability, support, and stability. 

If I go for the design, then Eclipsion 3 is probably the best one. Ho ever, it is not the only reason Exlipsion 3 is best. It gives you extreme comfort on your feet and heels. It grabs your feet with a firm grip increasing your stability area. 

Famous players like Caper Rudd have also been using the same shoes, and you can judge from their game the performance of these shoes. Compared to a few other brands, Yonex’s Eclipsion may not be on par with the others regarding durability. 

However, when we talk about support and stability, they are indeed breaking records. I would recommend it for beginners and intermediates who like to take their time on the court. These shoes might not be what they are looking for in aggressive players.

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So, the above was all about the list of best tennis shoes that I have simulated. There are plenty of shoes out there, and I have tried so many. Ho ever, I only chose my best six this time, depending upon their factors and range. 

I selected the shoes mentioned above based on their durability, speed, and support, just for the record. If these still don’t fit your preferences, you can also try New Balance 1006, Yonex Power Cushion, and Diadora Speed. These are also pretty popular among older players and intermediate ones.

Their impact varies from player to player, depending on their physique and health. However, all of the mentioned ones in the list are readily available and not much costly. 

I hope this list will help you with what you are looking for. If you have any questions, then please ask in the comment section.

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