Yonex EZONE Junior

Yonex EZONE Junior

Yonex is a brand focusing on building strong players in all fields. Their main aim is to equip players with reliable and prone to improvement equipment. They have been working for years and helped brought out exceptional players. 

Yonex has made a series of racquets specifically for all kinds of players. They made sure to target the age and physique of the player to give them the perfect racquet. Yonex EZONE Junior is a series made only for kids that have either just started playing or progressing to the next levels. 

Yonex EZONE Junior series got popularity because Yonex put in so much effort to make it count. They made the EZONE Junior series for both boys and girls with specific colors and specs, keeping in mind the height and age of players. 

Yonex EZONE Junior series includes the following pieces:

  • EZONE Junior 25
  • EZONE Junior 23
  • EZONE Junior 21
  • EZONE Junior 19
  • EZONE Junior 17

Selecting the right equipment holds much importance. However, selecting the right equipment at the right time is the key to mastering the skills needed for the game. Yonex EZONE Junior gives you a wide range of racquets to choose from. The EZONE Junior series helps the players to develop their physical skills and clear the levels one by one. Before we start with the series, I want to tell you about Yonex’s technologies overall.

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Following are the technologies that Yonex used in all of its series alternatively. They used various combinations of these technologies to get improved versions and desired results. And the results truly are admirable.

Following are the techs used in Yonex tennis racquet development:

  • Liner Tech
  • Isometric Expansion
  • M406
  • Vibration Dampening Mesh

Liner Tech:

Yonex tried to focus on every factor, starting from power and comfortability. They used the straight hole grommets to stretch out the strings. It allows the racquet to balanced power and extreme comfort on off-center shots. 

Isometric Expansion:

Yonex tried to reach the next level by giving the largest sweet spot. They updated the standard frame to a square-head frame to get the largest sweet spot. 


It isn’t easy to maintain control while adding power and flex to the frame. Players want to be comfortable while using huge amounts of power and require stability simultaneously. Yonex decided to add plastic graphite. 

It comes in extremely strong and aids the frame’s throat to give stability with added power.

Vibration Dampening Tech:

Vibrations are one thing that every player feels when they are in sync with their racquet. To remove these vibrations and control the game’s flow, Yonex used the Dampening technology.

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Yonex EZONE Junior 25

EZONE 25 is one of the famous racquets among boys. It was made especially for kids aged 11 and above. It had a slightly different head size and length compared to the other versions.

All racquets in the EZONE Junior series have length and head size variations. The reason is to get the perfect combination of power, speed, balance, and swings. Its lightweight helps achieve all these goals and the length and head size.

It is recommended for both boys and girls with the intermediate skill set striving to jump on to a professional level.

Detailed Features:

Head Size110 sq. in
Length25 in
String Pattern14*15
Balance305 mm
Weight245 g
Age11- 12 yrs

Yonex EZONE Junior 23

Yonex introduced EZONE Junior 23 to get the young players accustomed to the accuracy and stroke styles. Its smaller head size allows the young players (girls and boys) to get accurate shots.

It is recommended for beginners aged 7 and above. Some intermediate teenagers would also use this one to get accuracy. The reason is the lightweight of this racquet. It is extremely light to have accuracy with power intake. 

It is a combination that is seldom seen. Yonex EZONE Junior 23 helps the young players hone their skills to the maximum.

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Detailed Features:

Head Size98 sq. in
Length23 in
String Pattern12*14
Balance280 mm
Weight210 g
Age7-10 yrs

Yonex EZONE Junior 21

Yonex worked hard to make racquets that will help beginners polish their skills. When I say beginners, Yonex started right from the beginning. They made racquets for kids aged 2 as well. 

One of the best things about Yonex is that they figured out the details and all the needs that a player of such age would have. Making racquets equipped with all the factors to help these newbies is a feat none have achieved before. 

EZONE Junior 21 became famous among girls and boys equally. It focused more on speed and accuracy. The lightweight of this racquet helps improve the swing speed.

Detailed Features:

Head Size85 sq. in
Length21 in
String Pattern10*13
Balance255 mm
Weight195 g
Age3-7 yrs

Yonex EZONE Junior 19

This version of EZONE Junior especially focused on the initial physical skills of all players. It helps build up the basis of the balance, swing style, power, and speed and then improve these sets of skills.

It targets the players of ages 2 to 6. It is an age where a player can hardly grab anything, let alone a racquet. However, Yonex made this racquet so lightweight that it is easy to hold and swing as the player likes.

EZONE Junior 19 allows the players to adapt to their movements and develop styles.

Detailed Features:

Head Size80 sq. in
Length19 in
String Pattern10*12
Balance230 mm
Weight175 g
Age2-6 yrs

Yonex EZONE Junior 17

This model of EZONE Junior 17 was made for kids aged 2 and above. It specifically targets the girl that age. It is extremely lightweight and easy to swing. Junior 17 helps increase the movements and sharpen the senses to move faster. 

Its head size is made to fit the length and hence give accuracy. The material used in the development of the EZONE Junior series is aluminum. Yonex made sure to keep the weight to the minimum to avoid any stress on the body.

Detailed Features:

Head Size58 sq. in
Length17 in
String Pattern10*10
Balance210 mm
Weight160 g
Age2-5 yrs

Overall Positives and Negatives




Yonex EZONE Junior series focused solely on the skill development of boys and girls from a very young age. Depending on a child’s physique, the racquets may slightly be heavy regardless of their lightweight. 

However, these racquets are not much costly, and you can find them everywhere. These racquets are best for getting the idea of the game and getting used to the court along with the equipment. It is true as long as you are a beginner or an intermediate-level player. 

So, above all was about the Yonex EZONE Junior series. I hope this helps you find what you are looking for. If you have any queries, then please ask in the comment section below.

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