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Best Tennis Shoes For Bunions (Men & Women)

Best Tennis Shoes For Bunions (Men & Women)

Having bunions is pain only for those who can understand who has them. It is one thing for an average person to have bunions. However, if you have ever tried to exercise, you will know how unpleasant it becomes. 

Now think about the pain of the players, tennis players with bunions. Finding the best tennis shoes for bunions is a struggle for them. You can never enjoy your game without a comfortable shoe if you have bunions. 

Finding the best tennis shoes for bunions is a time-consuming process. So I have tried to make it easy for you. Though I don’t have bunions, two of my best practice partners suffer from this pain. So I have done some research and surveys to find the most comfortable shoes for people with bunions, especially players.

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What Must the Shoe Have for Bunions?

Before we start with the list, let me tell you about the things that you need to make sure that your shoes have, if you have bunions. 

Slight heel

Just so you know, having high heels causes severe pain for bunions. As all your weight is shifted towards the toe box so, avoid having high heels. However, after some research and consulting with a few doctors, I have concluded. 

Having a slight heel won’t affect your bunions; it will help relieve the pressure and weight on your toes. Sell Emiline; One of the Podiatrists I questioned explained this to me. Wearing a slight heel helps rotate your feet in a more optimal biomechanical position.

Thus if your shoe has a slight heel, it is good for you.

Arch Support

If you are playing tennis, shoes with arch support do more than you know. If you have bunions, having arch support relieves the stress on your toes and allows your feet to relax. 

Wide forefoot

It is a must when we want to comfort the feet with bunions. Having a wider toe box gives you such a pleasant feeling that you can’t even mention it in words. So if you find a pair with a wide toe box, don’t lose it.

Stretchable fabrics

Make sure to avoid hard or rough shoes. I mean shoes with rough fabric, hard lining, or more rigid upper mesh. Having a soft inner lining is better. Plus, if the fabric is stretchable, it is better for you. 

It won’t irritate you since no matter how hard you try, you will keep running and jumping. This process will put pressure on your feet, especially the toe box. Your toe box will be constantly rubbed against the cloth. So, the smoother, the better it is.

Now, let us move on to the best tennis shoes for bunions for both male and female tennis players

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01. Adidas Men’s Adizero Ubersonic 3

Adidas is not a new name for anyone regarding sportswear and sports gear. Recently they have been focusing on designing shoes while addressing specific factors. Bunions are one of these factors. 

Adidas gave their best in these shoes. The upper mesh of the shoes is made with a textile woven with Dyneema yarn. It is very breathable and lightweight at the same time. For tennis players, it provides more excellent stability.

One of the best features of Adizero Ubersonic 3 is the unique interlocking system with fabric construction. It means that the shoe fits perfectly even if you have bunions. Technically it was recommended after surgery of bunions. 

However, many players have found it suitable for practice when having trouble with bunions.

02. Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles (Men & Women)

Comfort is the utmost necessity when a person has bunions. Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles have this one thing in them. These Mizzles are made to provide ultimate comfort. Overall, these shoes have been famous as the most comfortable shoes. 

Regardless of the type of player or person, every user has a five-star rating. These shoes are made with so much technique. They are designed using ZQ Merino wool and a bio-based water repellent layer.

These shoes have a non-slip rubber grip; thus, you can imagine the level of stability and shock absorption they would bring. 

03. Brooks Ghost 13 (Men & Women)

Brooks Ghost 13 is recommended for all sorts of players and runners. It has been among the most famous shoes for the past few years. I did a playtest on this one. Without bunions, this shoe was nothing less than ultra-comfortable and durable. 

For bunions as well, players have suggested Brooks Ghost 13 strongly. It is said to have extreme flex and an easy toe box. It provides stability and support to the players and especially runners.

Ghost 13 has a segmented shock-absorbing crash pad and a firm grip. Many of the players claimed that they felt a sock-like grip. It is true since I did a playtest with it as well. These shoes provide a sock-like grip for all feet. They are highly recommended tennis shoes for bunions.

04. NikeCourt Lite Tennis Shoes (Men & Women)

NikeCourt Lite Tennis Shoes are famous for being comfortable. These shoes were designed specifically to provide comfort with their lightweight and soft texture. A few of Nike’s shoes got negative reviews on comfort, so Nike added extra elements on the toe box for this one. 

This adjustment made NikeCourt Lite shoes one of the best tennis shoes for bunions. These shoes provide an excellent grip. With their design, they are bound to provide ultimate support and stability.

As for durability, these shoes have been updated with long-lasting materials. Many of the players using these shoes have given positive remarks about their durability and comfortability.

The players even said that they never thought they would be able to play like others without worrying about their bunions. 

05. K-SWISS Men’s Bigshot Light

One of the things that I have noticed while doing playtests with different shoes is that K-Swiss focuses on giving solutions to problems that tennis players may have. Bigshot Light is one such example. 

This pair was made primarily to relieve the pain of players suffering from bunions. These shoes are incredibly comfortable and very spacious. So you don’t have to worry about your bunions getting pushed or rubbed. 

They have a leather upper to give a supporting feel. K-Swiss did an excellent job by applying long-lasting rubber to the key areas. From the surveys and my playtest, I have concluded that if you are heavyweight or with good height. K-Swiss Bigshot Light is for you. 

The only thing that may sound like a drawback is that it is not for women. It was made solely for men or players with a healthy physique. 

06. Babolat Men’s Propulse Blast

 I have always loved Babolat for its efforts in providing the best gear for sports. The Propulse Blast is one such pair. It is the next best pair for players with bunions looking for comfort, durability, and support.

You will find it very relaxing and breathable. The shoe is designed in such a way that it provides you high stability and support to run faster without hurting your bunions. Their wide-fitting toe area is the highlight of this addition. 

Babolat has been in the spotlight for this feature. They have added comfortability and breathability. I just loved the power straps they used for the support and stability. They just added to their design and development with grace. 

There are no visible drawbacks, but unfortunately, there is no replacement for women for this one.

07. Adidas Women’s Barricade Court Tennis Shoes

It is one of the most readily available shoes with a wide range of colors and various designs. It is made especially for female players suffering from bunions. I just loved their variety and the vast size range.

One of the best features this pair has is the Adiprene Technology. Adidas used this technology to make it more shock-absorbent. You will feel almost no stress on your feet and knees. 

These shoes have a unique rubber sole that is long-lasting, so players with heavy built don’t need to worry about the shoe wearing off. Overall, this pair got a 5 rating from almost all players.

Only one said that she felt a little stiff sometimes. However, it is natural. Depending on their physique and playing style, it varies from player to player. 

08. Asics Women’s Gel-Resolution 7

Asics Gel- Resolution 7 for women is on top of the list for the best tennis shoes for bunions. The surveys show that about 40% of players have vouched for Gel- Resolution 7. One of the reasons for their popularity is the guard toe protector.

It is added especially for the toe box, so players suffering from bunions don’t feel the discomfort. This pair got a five-star rating for its comfortability and breathability. It was made solely for female players suffering from bunions. 

So the support and enhanced durability with comfort are the highlights of this pair. One of the other features of this pair is flexion fit technology. It is truly a work of art that Asics did. Asics ensured that this pair fits all sorts of players without affecting the design.

It comes in a few colors but with a concise and straightforward design. It has been making highlights for some time now.

09. ASICS Women’s GEL-Solution Speed 3

It is one of the durable shoes that Asics made with synthetic and textile, focusing on traction. Players with bunions find it very reliable and comfortable. One of the reasons is that the midsole is heavily cushioned.

It allows support to the arches and balances the body without putting stress on the toe box. Although it is one of the older models yet, it is famous because of its availability in various sizes. Plus, it is famous for being among the first few comfortable shoes for bunions.

Players just loved the rear and front foot gel technology. The comfort, support, and stability were a plus with the firm grip and classy design. Although it does not have a wide variety of colors, it is very famous for the perfect design for professionals.

10. Asics GT-4000 running shoes (Men & Women)

GT-4000 is made in a tension-resistant way which makes it reliable and durable. Initially, it was made for runners; however, these shoes were made to bear extreme conditions. It got the attention of tennis players. 

Players find it very easy to accommodate their feet with bunions because of the rear and front gel cushioning and heavy sole cushioning. This pair became popular among men and women at the same time. 

Plus, it was very durable and had a stiff grip, so it added to the performance of players that made them love it more. It does not have a variety of colors and designs bus only a few. Yet it looks very prominent on the court as it balances out your gait correctly.

There is the only thing that bothered me about it. The heels of these shoes are made of plastic. So, for me, it was a bit uncomfortable. However, I didn’t find anyone else who complained about it.  

11. Prince T22 (Men & Women)

It is one of the oldest and highly adopted shoes among men and women for bunions. Tennis players and runners, and many others, have also opted for this pair because of the solid grip, ventilating upper mesh, and high stability. 

Prince T22 has a very sophisticated design. The best part is that these shoes are available for players. They come in a variety of sizes for both men and women. For players with bunions, it is like a spacious room. 

The toe box is utterly gigantic and highly relaxing. 

If we talk about durability and support, Prince T22 is on top of the list. It was made to ensure that players don’t feel discomfort and insecurity on the court. And these shoes proved that they are worth calling the best tennis shoes for bunions.

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So, the list of my selected few best tennis shoes for bunions mentioned above. I made this list based on the comfort and design level. Many others suit the requirements. However, these few were on top of all the other ones. 

I hope this list helps you find what you are looking for. If you have any queries, please ask in the comment section below. 

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