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Best Tennis Shoes For Women 

Best Tennis Shoes For Women

Tennis is a game that requires very abrupt and rough movements. Having the perfect shoes is a must for a player to keep up with the sudden shifts throughout the court. Your daily life sneakers or running shoes won’t be able to fit the strenuous exercise for a tennis game

You can also look at the external factors like the court’s surface, the player’s weight and physique, etc. Keeping all into account, I have prepared a list of Best Tennis Shoes for Women. There is not much difference in Tennis between men and women. 

However, the gear and equipment are always different from each other. The only reason is that both men and women have different physiques, their playing styles are different, and they all have different game paces. 

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What to look for when buying Best Tennis Shoes for Women?

Whenever you buy something, you always look for things that satisfy you. Elements that are a must to your preferred choice are the ones that make those things acceptable. Similarly, when buying tennis shoes, one has to look for these factors below;

  • Durability
  • Support
  • Comfort
  • Fit
  • Cost


Like I said earlier, Tennis is an unanticipated game. You have to move abruptly along with the movement of the ball. You have to be rough at times, and then you have to either move fast or slow according to the need.

In such cases, you need to have shoes that can keep up with you through your game. Having shoes that can bear pressure, tackle jumps, and complex moves. If they can’t last long, then they are not good. They have to be strong enough to provide aid to you without breaking apart. 


Tennis is a challenging game that puts a lot of pressure on your joints. No matter how careful you are when you play a rough game, it is evident that your body will feel the sensations. In such cases having support to your joints would do much help. 

Shoes are a necessity. Even in daily life, if you are not wearing a shoe that can handle your posture and movements, you will feel lethargic. For Tennis, you need to have slightly heavy shoes compared to your jogging shoes or sneakers. 

If they are a bit heavy, they will be able to support your body when you make abrupt and rough movements. 


Keep this in mind; never go for the design. There is this thing with women that they prefer the better-looking things. Even in shoes, however, if you are a tennis player, keep in mind that the best tennis shoes for women don’t always have the best designs.

Comfort is a must when it comes to the best tennis shoes. Since you will play a rough game, you will need a comfortable pair of shoes. If your feet hurt because of the stiff sole or inner of the shoe, it’s a fail. 

So always select shoes that meet your need. Select the comfortable ones, a bit soft and durable for your game.


If a shoe does not fit you, don’t buy it thinking that you will manage. Sometimes, when you buy a shoe, it fits, but when you walk around, you feel that it is pressing your fingers too much. If that is the case with your tennis shoes, then forget them. 

Choose the ones that will fit you perfectly. Make sure they don’t press your feet too much, and they are not too loose that your feet move out of it. If it is loose, then there is a risk of you falling on the court, which is not a good thing, especially for a player.


Always go for a readily available and less costly shoe. If you have the money, you can buy as expensive as possible. However, having a mid-range shoe helps in case of accidents as you can easily have another pair. 

Plus, not every time expensive shoes are comfortable and durable. If they don’t fill either of these conditions, they are a no for a tennis player. 

Below is the list of my best tennis shoes for women.

01. New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Lav V2

Women prefer to have soft shoes be it on the field or off-field. However, getting the best tennis shoes for women is to keep it moderate. The Fresh Foam Lav V2 is the best choice for players looking for the soft zone.

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Its sole is exceptionally soft. It is often referred to as the most bouncy pair nowadays. These shoes are famous for having a solid grip with the softest base. If you are a player looking for a pair that will hold you firmly while providing support, Fresh Foam Lav V2 is your best choice. 

02. NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro

Most women players have tiny feet and prefer to have a narrow fit. Well, it is the same for all kinds of players. Depending on their preferences, some players choose to have a narrow fit to grab hold of the court. 

In such cases, Vapor Pro is one of the best tennis racquets for women. One of the best qualities is that it is highly streamlined. It does not have any rubber on the low-wear area that gives the player a solid feel. 

One of my fellows from the club did a playtest with it and found that it is sliding friendly. Of course, Tennis requires you to slide at any time. Vapor Pro carries out that task perfectly well. Also, it may go plain on the design side, but it is highly durable. That makes it unique.

03. Adidas Women’s Barricade Tennis Shoes

Many professionals are looking for extreme support and durability. I can name several shoes when it comes to durability. However, one has been in the highlights for the last few years. 

I did a playtest with Adidas Barricade Tennis. It has vast torsional stability. Adidas produced barricades with TPU midfoot shank. It is built so that the lacing system of the shoe protects the foot. 

Also, you will see that as compared to its peers, Barricade Tennis Shoes are better in durability. It is also because of the new rubber compound added. I loved it for several reasons, including the design and color scheme. Many players prefer its durability and support.

However, one of the main reasons for its popularity is its design and colors. It is suitable for professionals with a power-packed and rough playing style.

04. Asics Gel- Challenger 13

Women who play tennis focus more on stability. They can manage power, control, and speed. When it comes to stability, they have to focus a bit more. In such cases, the best tennis shoes for women are Asics Gel- Challenger 13. 

It is a new arrival in the market, so some of you may not be able to access it yet. But for now, it is available. It keeps the heat because of its new technology used solely for stability. Asics implemented the WINGWALL technology inside the shoes. It is highly effective when moving side by side.

Luckily, I did a playtest with Asics Gel- Challenger 13 because I got my hands on it. At first, I did not think it to have a significant impact. However, on volleys, it is exceptionally great with the support. Plus, moving backward for deep shots provides you with excellent stability, and you can feel your grip over the court entirely.

05. NikeCourt Legacy Serena Williams Shoes

It is one of the favorite shoes of women playing Tennis. The reasons include Serena Williams’s because these shoes are her favorite. They are making the trend with the style icon and the tennis champion herself. 

Aside from that, you are going to love the design. It is comfy and straightforward at the same time. Like your sneakers and runners combined, it gives you an excellent grip and comfort level. I did not do a playtest with this pair because I have used them for a few years. 

I can tell you precisely that these shoes do the deed for an aggressive and fast player. They are very supportive of volleys and returns. You don’t have to worry about your feet landing wrongly. The plain balanced sole of this pair is just like sneakers. The texture is incredibly soft and durable.

You can understand the durability of these shoes because Serena has been fond of them for quite some time now. You won’t feel any pressure on your feet while jumping and running. 

06. Lacoste Women’s AG-LT 21 Tennis Shoes

Since I have been an intermediate player once, I know the effort one puts in to perform well. I can feel the players work hard on performance. Having the perfect footwear would help a lot in such cases. 

So specifically for women on an intermediate level, I would recommend Lacoste AG-LT 21. It is famous for being performance shoes. I can guarantee you the grip over the court, balance, and no stiffness on your knees and feet. 

It is incredibly lightweight contrary, unlike any other tennis shoe. It is cushioned from the inside to make it soft and comfy and adds features to make the perfect grip. With this, I can guarantee you a perfect fit. Plus, it is gaining points on its durability, given its lightweight. 

07. Asics Women’s Court FF2

Tennis shoes combine stability, durability, support, and grip. Asics Court FF2 is the best tennis shoes for women looking for any one of the above factors. I have seen several players using Court FF2.  

Asics have made sure to use all the best technologies in this pair. They renovated the upper and the inners of the shoes. You can particularly feel the change even by looking. You will feel extreme support on bouncing and doing deep lob shots. 

For the little time I used this pair for a playtest, it did not bother me about the balance and firm ground. This pair is highly durable. Plus, its design is appealing along with its comfort. Thus it is very famous among the women who prefer design and funky colors.

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So, the above mentioned was my list of the best tennis shoes for women. However, there are undoubtedly many, and many more shoes considered the best. They have their reasons, and they are worth using. You can also try K-Swiss Hypercourt. They are not much different from Men’s Hypercourt. 

Women with a wide fit and looking for heavy support should try K-Swiss Hypercourt. Just a reminder that simulated this list based of the durability and support factors mostly. There will be many that might fit your preference because every player has a different style.

I hope this list will help you find what you are looking for. If you have any questions, then please ask in the comment section.

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